Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Twitter Can Be Like The Annoying Orange

There are plenty of good uses for Twitter, but I am going to focus on one of them.

Have you ever heard of the Annoying Orange on YouTube?  One potentially effective technique that you can use on Twitter reminds me of this video (under 2 minutes).

Yes, this IS a hilarious video (I think!  How can you NOT laugh when this piece of fruit starts sticking out its tongue while making senseless noises?), but I probably need to explain how this can relate to a Twitter technique.

How does the Annoying Orange relate to Twitter?

When you are using Twitter, one of the things that you are trying to do is capture the attention of people with influence.

Yes, you are trying to communicate to your followers and trying to find ways to gain followers, but many of us are trying to get the attention of people with a lot of influence.

Twitter is the PERFECT tool for this!

On Twitter, you can talk DIRECTLY to anyone who has a Twitter account.

For instance, if you want to try getting MY attention, all you have to do is Tweet (type) "@cwechner"

The problem is that if I am NOT following you, I will not see it, unless I do a search for "@cwechner."

How can I use Annoying Orange techniques to get someone's attention?

The Annoying Orange is persistent.  Notice that the Annoying Orange keeps getting ignored, but THAT doesn't stop our friend, the Annoying Orange.  He just keeps pressing, until they give into his pressure and answer him, even when they know they shouldn't.

Within Twitter, I first can just keep throwing comments TO that person.  Sometimes, I might try to kid.  I might try to Retweet something that is really good to MY followers.  I might reply to something that the person said.

What if your targeted person really is NOT listening?

Doing all of these attention grabbing things are great, but if THAT person is NOT following you, then doing all of this will not be enough.

Would THAT stop the Annoying Orange?

Of course, not, and it should not stop YOU, either!

The NEXT thing we should do is pay attention.
  • Who does your targeted person include within his or her Tweets?
  • Does that person respond?  Quickly?
  • Is there an actual conversation between them, or will your targeted person likely stop listening to that person soon?
Once you find a person who has YOUR targeted person's ear,
  • Follow that person!
  • Engage in conversations with that person.
  • Engage in conversations that reference this other person AND your taregted person.
Find SEVERAL people who has your targeted person's ear.

You will eventually get your targeted person's attention.

Of course, it helps if you actually have something to offer or say.  This is where you STOP acting like the Annoying Orange.
  • Try to find ways that you might be able to make things easier for that person.
  • Find that person's sense of humor and cater to it--with your own jokes or other people's links.
  • Find your targeted person's interests, and send links to him or her.
Key Takeaway: Use techniques from the Annoying Orange to GET that person's attention, but become a genuine human being once you HAVE their attention.

What are some other techniques that you have found worked on Twitter?

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