Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: WCCCD Event: Bryan Eaddy: Selling on Amazon

Bryan Eaddy spoke at the Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) event this past Monday (1/23/12).

Bryan has talked with the group many other times, and he ALWAYS provides value.  It is amazing how much money he makes online, and he started from NOTHING.  Today, he makes his living by selling things online in the Amazon marketplace.

Bryan Eaddy gave a talk at WCCCD discussing how to sell on Amazon.
Bryan Eaddy was a programmer previously, but today he earns money online.  This allows him more freedom to devote time to his ministry.

Bryan had some goodies to share.

Bryan shared tips about what types of things sell on Amazon (vs. eBay), and he shared a few tips about places to buy different products at a bargain.  He also gave the crowd a few ideas of things to include while describing the product that you're trying to sell.

In front of the class, Bryan Eaddy went through the steps people need to take when they list an item to sell on Amazon.  He started from Amazon's Home page and showed us which things to click.

His biggest message: Customer Service Rating is KEY!

He emphasized the point by giving the example where two people are selling the same item:
  • Listed at $10 by a Seller with 90% Customer Service Rating
  • Listed at $12 by a Seller with 100% Customer Service Rating
He implied that a LOW Customer Service Rating will cost us, because people will trust us less.  Therefore, we will have to sell the same product for less money, and we still might not be able to compete.

Bryan Eaddy provided an example of a time when a buyer gave him a low Customer Service Rating, because they did not like the music that they bought from him.  As a seller, Bryan is responsible for providing the purchased product (a) in good condition and (b) shipped promptly.

Obviously, Bryan had NO control over whether his buyer would LIKE the quality of the product since he did not actually create the music.

Bryan suggested that if we have a situation like this, we need to contact Amazon.  Because if they investigate it and agree with you, they will remove the negative Customer Service Rating.

That is SO important, because your Customer Service Rating determines how much you can price a product, if people are willing to buy anything from you at all.  (There are so many other sellers with 100% Customer Service Ratings that you will not be able to compete very easily.)

Amazon Fulfillment Service - The Unknown Advantage

He also told us of another secret.  Well, it's not really a secret, but many people do not know about it.

It's called Amazon Fulfillment service, and it can save you a TON on shipping--if you ship enough products.

He told us that near the beginning of when he started, he got a ton of things to sell for free.  He was excited, because there is obviously plenty of room for profit.

However, SO many people were buying what he had to sell, he could not afford to pay for shipping.  He sold hundreds of these in one week.  Once you get the money from the sale, that's great, but until you do, that is a LOT of shipping cost.

Enter the Amazon Fulfillment Service...(How you can REALLY save!)

Bryan Eaddy told us that for people who pay the monthly fee for a Pro Merchant account, they can pay just a little bit more (about $10/month) for the Amazon Fulfillment service.

This service is a HUGE savings--if you are shipping enough things each month.

For $10/month, you ship EVERYTHING to Amazon, and THEY ship EVERYTHING for you.

Bryan shared a lot with us last night, and there were only a few people to hear it.  That's too bad, because he is one of the Detroit Area's greatest unknown resources.

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