Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cool Link Share: Facebook is Cool but Don't Count on It

While checking out LinkedIn, I ran across an author with a really spot-on blog post:

Title: Why You Shouldn't Care about Friends and Followers
Post Link: http://fixcourse.com/social-network-marketing
Author: Brad Smith

He basically outlines how none of us really own any of the Social Media Marketing (SMM) platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of the other ones.

Any of these platforms can decide to shut down our account, and we will have little recourse.  If we take time to build lots of Friends, Followers, Connections, etc, we can lose them instantly when someone deletes our account.

They are not our "marketing assets," as he calls them.  They are simply (really cool) distribution channels that we are using but do not own.

What "marketing assets" does he suggest in lieu of these social media distribution channels?

1. Website & Blog
2. E-Mail Newsletter/Contact List
3. Reputation

Check out his blog post for more information.  He does a really good job.

He has several other
FixSource (Brad Smith) Blog Link: http://fixcourse.com/category/blog

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