Tuesday, January 17, 2012

8 Tips to Become an Authority: Taken by Eric Enge

One of the good things that I got from Twitter is an article link that Rosh Sillars posted on there.
Eric Enge made this helpful info-graphic within his blog post about how Google reacts to backlinks.

The article, "The End of Link Building as We've Known and Loved It" by Eric Enge brings a lot of good points and education about backlinks to a website and weighing them by trust, effort required to enter (press a button or doing something more actively), and topic relevance.

If we want people to accept us as a authority about an information topic, there are several things we can do for ourselves.  Below are extremely useful suggestions by author Eric Enge.

8 Ways to Become an Authority
  1. Start a Blog
  2. Start a Social Media Campaign
  3. Participate in Communities
  4. Generate Press Releases
  5. Generate News
  6. Advertise on Websites where your target audience goes
  7. Advertise in Search Engines
  8. Advertise on Facebook
 All of these basically say three (3) things:
  • Write Something that people want to read
  • Do Something that interests people
  • Advertise Intelligently to people who want what you offer
Within his summary, he makes the on-point statement, Enge reminds us that search engines are likely to be suspicious of website that have a ton of links to it yet generate no conversation.  That is the ULTIMATE reminder that we need to let people know about us, but we'll never really matter until we focus on them.

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