Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great Way to Learn Internet Marketing - Take Projects - Try Things

People who are trying to learn internet marketing from scratch often need structured learning, and that makes sense.  Most of us need a foundation before we can build anything significant.

However, many people still are afraid of taking action, even after they have been exposed to internet marketing basics.

Some people are honestly lazy, but that probably does not explain as many people as the cynical side of us might be tempted to think.  Ironically, it is our lazy thinking process that dismisses so many of these people (as being lazy) so quickly.

Most people are not confident using what they just learned.

Why aren't they confident?

They aren't confident in their new ability, because they've never used it.

See the paradox here?

How do you combat your discomfort about applying something that you know but aren't sure?

Just do it.

Of course, it's not that easy for most people.  It's really not very comfortable to charge somebody for you to perform a service that you've learned but have not done.

Therefore, I propose that you take projects--for free.

When you take projects for free, you're forcing yourself to learn something new.  You get to practice with it, and you can make mistakes, because you're not getting paid to do it.

Once you've shown yourself that you know something about internet marketing, now you can charge for it.  You can feel confident about  your ability to help them, because you've done it, already.

So go try that to make a new blog.
Go try making a website.
Try making videos.
Make a podcast.

You get the idea.  Instead of your inexperience giving you an excuse to cheat yourself, create an excuse to give yourself that experience--and confidence.

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