Saturday, September 1, 2018

Every Black Person Should Read This - So Should Every Other Rational Person

I read an essay from basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and it prompted me to think of things that were much bigger than race.  He addressed things that affect the black race in America, but everyone can… and should… learn from what he shared.

NOTE: Even if you are the world’s biggest racial bigot – and PLEASE do not tell me if you are, I will completely hate you for just that alone (which is your right to think that way… but also mine to judge you) – there are valuable non-racial lessons to take away from his essay.

Here is a link to his essay, “What sports have taught me about race in America.”

Every black person should read this, but so should everyone else who is interested in making this world a better place through a better understanding.

Here are lessons that passed through my mind while reading this:
1. Your Success = Your Ability to Influence
2. Success in Sports = Way to Allow People to Hear You
3. The Hope of Glamour = Lack of Life Preparation
4. A Real Patriot is Loyal to Values – not Blind to Bosses

For those who feel like reading more, here are some of the lessons it explains in ways I never could before reading it.