Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hidden SEO Internet Marketing Secret: Classified Ads Really Work--Just not how you expect!

How would you like a secret SEO Internet Marketing tip that is cheap and easy?

One of the easiest forms of internet marketing is through Classified Ads.

This makes sense, because they closely resemble one of the older, cheaper forms of advertising that most people already know.  Classified ads in newspapers, neighborhood fliers, and even simply classified ads on the bulletin board at the local city hall, grocery store, etc.

But Classified Ads Are Boring!

I agree.  Classified ads are boring...if you don't know something really important about them.

Many people think they're boring, because they need to go into each classified advertising website and post.  The only way that other people will find my ad is when they're inside it.  Even then, there usually are tons of other classified ads.  There is so much competition.

Something Most People Don't Know about Classified Ads

Here is a juicy SEO internet marketing tip that most people don't know about classified ads.

Classified ads can rank on Google search engine results.

That's right!  Not all, but many classified ad posts are found on search engines, like Google--not only within their own classified ad postings.

Why should I care about my Classified Ads ranking on Google?

First, only some people will look within the website where you created your classified ad.  They have to KNOW to look there, and they have to pick you from the rest of the people placing ads there.

Google is widely used.  People often use Google or other search engines, like Yahoo or Bing.  While they are using them, wouldn't you like to have something representing you be available for them to pick?

This sounds like Classified Ad Marketing.  What does this have to do with SEO Internet Marketing?

That's a good question!

At first, it might seem like posting classified ads posting has nothing to do with SEO Internet Marketing strategy.  Granted, it is internet marketing, but what does it have to do with search engine optimization (SEO)?

You can sprinkle your keywords throughout your entire classified ad post.

You can use your keywords in your title.  You can put your main keywords and other words that relate to those keywords anywhere throughout the body of the classified ad.  You can even have pictures that contain filenames with your main and related keywords.

Why is this important?

That means that you have better control over the way that people can find you.

When you post an add within the classified ad website, it works on a queue system.  That means that you will be on top of the page...until the next person posts a classified ad.  Then you will be the 2nd highest.

Guess what happens when someone else posts an add?  Now, you're in the 3rd position.

Your classified ad is only on top of the page until someone else simply posts something else.

On Google (or other search engines), once you are at the top of the page, it takes more than someone else simply posting a classified ad in the same section of that same classified ad website.

That other person has to be targeting the same keyword AND be better than you at SEO.  That is certainly possible, but what are the chances that 20 people will be able to do this to you within a week.

Classified Ads Are NOT Built to Last...Unless...

How long do you think your classified ad will be seen on the first page of other classified ads?

How long do you think that your listing will stay on a Google search?  I don't know, either, but I bet it will be a lot longer than the classified ad site.

Using classified ads is an easy marketing technique, but most people miss the boat on the real benefit.  They forget (or don't know) to carefully select their words so that they can gain SEO internet marketing benefits.

That's fancy talk for saying that your classified ads can show be search engine results on places like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    Great perspective on job ads! Definitely boosts a little SEO here and there. Although, I'd suggest making sure the advertisements are easy to read.. otherwise they'll become like the 2,000-word press release that no one looks at!


    1. Your point is well taken, Craig, but even in that "worst-case" scenario, there are two benefits I see...
      1) I get backlinks to sites that matter to me.
      2) I take a spot on Page 1 that my competitor does not.

      I agree with your overall point, though. Nobody wants to read boring content, and the Internet, unlike school, is NOT required reading for anyone.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.


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