Friday, January 6, 2012

Good General Advice Applies to SEO Internet Marketing - Being Spectacular vs Being Consistent

I have a story that delivers a simple message to people who want to become good at SEO internet marketing.

I attended an event last evening, and I usually learn something or meet someone interesting.  Last night was no exception.

During one portion of the event, one of the hosts addressed the audience by asking the question, "What went well (for you) in 2011?"

What went well for you in 2011?

That's a very good question to ask yourself all of the time--not just the beginning of the year.

However, one person's answer struck me as the most obvious.  The problem is that it is one of the most UNDER-applied principles to most of our work.

There were several answers, but this one particular gentleman introduced himself as working for Primerica, which sells financial services and is a multi-level marketing (MLM) program.  There is a lot of people trying to do this.  People are really protective about their money, and they often don't really want to share their personal financial situation with many people.

So this is a tough sell, and this type of work weeds through a lot of people because of it.

This gentleman, however, answered that he struggled throughout most of the year.  However, everything seemed to change--for the better--when he started doing this one thing.

What did he change to make things better for himself?

He told us that he started doing things more consistently.

That's right.  He did not do any ONE thing any better--necessarily.  However, his results improved without him having to improve his skills, only his behavior.

That is powerful!

We can try to work to develop skills, and this is definitely a good habit.   However, some of us just plainly have more natural abilities than other people.  For instance, no matter how hard I train, I do not have the natural ability to outplay someone like Michael Jordan.

However, all of us can control our behavior.  We all have that ability.

This gentleman's answer was powerful, because he reminded us how we all can be more successful.

We just need to do things consistently, and our chances for success improve dramatically.

Of course, most of us KNOW this, but only a few people apply it.

That's why there are so few successful people.  Just that one reason.  Pretty scary, huh?

What does his story have to do with SEO Internet Marketing?

Many people reading this might already know the answer.

With any form of internet marketing, seldom does any one (1) thing you do make you a success on the Internet.

The closest thing might be creating one (1) really cool video, but even that is hardly a guarantee for success.  People still have to find your video, like your video, share your video, and buy something from you because of that video.

In other words, it will probably take more effort than simply putting up your video for you to become successful.

If you want to be a successful SEO internet marketer, you need to be consistent.

Translation: If you have your own business, this means that you either need to consistently market yourself, or you need to hire someone to help market you consistently.

Take a look at Coke.  Do they ever stop advertising?  You see their ads on TV all of the time.

Is McDonald's any different?

These places are ALREADY successful, and they are still consistently marketing themselves.

Q: Are their products spectacular?

Most people would answer, "No!"

Q: Are all of their commercials spectacular?

While some of their commercials are really good, very few of them are absolutely awesome.

Q: Do they have spectacular marketing campaigns?

In case you need help, the answer is, "Yes, absolutely!"

Notice that nothing they do is spectacular--EXCEPT THEIR CONSISTENCY.

What are some ways you can be spactacularly consistent with Internet Marketing?

Each internet marketer has his or her own ideas, but here are a few ideas that might help you:
  • 1 Article per week (You'll have over 50 in just one year!)
  • 1 Blog Post per day (You'll have over 300 in just one year!)
  • 2 Videos per month (You'll have over 20 videos in one year!)
  • Create 5 Backlinks per day (That's over 1800 backlinks in one year!)
  • Answer 3 Questions on Facebook or LinkedIn each week (That's more than 150 questions answered in one year!)
The list could continue for a while, but I think you get the point.  It's amazing how quickly things "add up," but too few people are willing to take time to accumulate them.

Each thing you do does not have to be spectacular.
You can make yourself spectacular by being one of the few people who do things consistently.

Do you want a guaranteed formula for getting spectacular results?

I don't have one, but I do have a formula that will nearly guarantee it.

Don't worry about doing things spectacularly.  That's nice if you can do it, but it's not a sure-fire way to success.  Not everyone is able to do this.

However, be spectacularly consistent, and over time, you will likely have spectacular results.

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