Sunday, November 17, 2013

1 Better Way to Begin a Press Release for an Event - The Standard Way is Dull!

Many people write really boring press releases to promote events!  In fact, they really barely know how to write them, merely following some recipe-like format that they learned in school or found online.

If you are a journalist working for a newspaper, this might be alright.

However, if you are trying to use press releases to generate attention to your event or something newsworthy that you or your organization did, this "usual" way is not likely to do the trick for you.  Your press release will look like most of the others.

Writing an event press release in a "standard way" is okay, but these press releases could be better...and I am only beginning to discover this.  Let me compare these press release writing methods to promote upcoming events...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Biggest Mistake Beginning Marketers Make

I have a clear view of a HUGE mistake I see beginning marketers make.  (Frankly, I see plenty of so-called "experienced" people make this mistake, too.)

I am in a unique position to notice things that people who are new to marketing do not see clearly...because it was not that long ago that I was making this same mistake.

As a Math major in college, I did not "grow up" with a marketing mindset.  In fact, I had no interest in business; therefore, I had no concept of business, much less marketing.

It was not until later in life that I basically tripped over marketing.  I took a class to improve my computer skills, but instead, I learned that I am a better fit with marketing that I ever imagined.

However, that does not mean that I knew everything about marketing.  In fact, I see several years later how little I knew.  (Several years from now, I suspect I will blush when I realize how little I know today...compared with then, anyway.)

So...What's this big marketing mistake that beginning marketers make?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marketing Yourself through Leadership

Recently, I made a really cool connection between leadership and marketing--a really cool, powerful connection.  I almost feel silly that I didn't think of this earlier.

When you understand this concept, I think it might really reshape some of your core thoughts...because it will seem SO obvious.  Let's just say that leadership is a technique...that we've known seemingly forever.

How do I arrive this, that leadership is really one of the extreme forms of marketing?

Leading to Logic: Leadership is the Ultimate Form of Marketing

Sometimes, people teach us a lesson, but we do not really learn that lesson at the time they try giving it to us.