Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: WCCCD Event: Mark Maupin & Chris Wechner: SEO Internet Marketing Q&A Session

Mark Maupin and I spoke at the Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) event this past Thursday (1/12/12).

Actually, we hosted an SEO Internet Marketing Q&A Session.

We experimented with this for 30 minutes before my presentation during the last event at WCCCD, and it went really well.

During this session, we fielded questions from attendees about online marketing for several things.
  • Selling books online
  • Auto Repair shop
  • Coffee sales
  • Small Business/Community Development
  • Refurbished Computers
Question: I wrote a book.  What should I do to sell it online?

We took questions from someone in the audience that wrote a book about how to handle credit debt collectors.  This gentleman was a former collections agent, and learned a lot of tricks of the trade that could help people.

One of the suggestions from the class members was to take his book about how to handle collection agents and turn it into a course about how to make money running a collection agency.

He also advised that he might want to consider selling the books himself, instead of using eBay or Amazon.  If you do not know how to market yourself online, then you might get more sales by using eBay or Amazon, but you will have to give those sites a cut of your sales.

If you know how to market your own website, then you can keep whatever you sell on that website.

Question: How do I convert website traffic visitors into paying customers?

This is a good question, and it has three (3) basic parts to the answer.
  1. Find Customer Traffic Location
  2. Convince Customers to Buy
  3. Provide Purchasing Method
1. Find Customer Traffic Location

You need to find a keyword phrase that enough people type, but you need to make analyze whether people typing in that phrase are looking to research or looking to buy.  (i.e. best used car engines vs. places to buy used car engines)

One free tool to use is the Google Keyword Tool.

2. Convince Customers to Buy

If you want people to WANT to buy, you need good sales copy.

If you are not confident about your ability to make good sales copy (or just don't want to do it), you can pay someone else to do it. can be a good source. is okay, but you might not get great sales copy of $5.00.

Generally, it helps if your sales copy helps solve a problem or improves their life in a way that the reader can visualize vividly.

3. Provide Purchasing Method

Once you got the customer excited to buy something from you, you need some sort of method accepting payment from them.

Probably, the simplest method of giving a customer a means of paying you is is another possibility.

Question: How can I build a website for free?

There are many places, but last night, we mentioned
We also reminded people about the power of using Google Places.


My biggest hope is that people left the event knowing more than they did before they came.  We really hope that some people there are taking the information that we provided them and taking action with it.

Thoughts without action are just daydreams, and those can cause some serious crashes.  Thoughts without action certainly never produce anything, except regrets about missed opportunities.

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