Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nobody Goes to Book Signings: Big Mistake by Beginning Authors

I see, hear, and read about many authors wanting to go to a book signing, and most of them are making a BIG MISTAKE.


Sylvia Hubbard, an author of many books and founder of the Motown Writers Network, is brilliant for so many reasons.  At her monthly meetings to help local authors, she gives amazing tips.

One of these tips is to AVOID book signings.

Why avoid book signings?  How are people going to learn about my books?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Debunking a Marketing Myth: People buy what you're selling

I'm really lucky in a lot of ways, but one specific way I am lucky is that I get to talk about marketing strategy with a lot of people.

I'm reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell called Outliers, and it's really a great book.  (I'm going to add this to my suggested reading list.)  One of the central points within the book is that we do not get to be really "good" at something until we've done it for 10,000 hours.

I did not get into the "marketing game" until 2009, and I'm still learning a tremendous amount about it.  Certainly, I read quite a bit about marketing--each books and articles, and I do my fair share of "marketing actions."  However, I feel like I learn a TON almost every time I have a conversation with someone about how to make their business generate more sales.

One of the most frequently recurring themes is a belief that people buy what you are selling.

I'm learning that is ONLY SOMETIMES TRUE.

Let me rephrase that...Of all the people who buy from me, very few of them buy what I am selling.

So what are they buying?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Google SEO: It really ain’t that hard – Only 2 Main Questions to Ask

People would like to read everything you need to know about SEO.

SEO is something that seems to mystify people.  From what I can see, there are all sorts of gurus but not necessarily any experts.

I don’t blame people and companies for wanting to know more about SEO.  After all, people use search engines to answer their questions all of the time, every day…many times a day.

Of course, Google is the king of those search engines.  Since so many people use Google, why wouldn’t we want to find ways to have search engines, like Google, list good things about us?

Google gets roughly two-thirds (2/3) of all of the searches.  Nobody else is even close.

So the actual question is…HOW can we optimize our pages for the Google search engine (Google SEO)?

Really, there are only two (2) questions to ask: