Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Small Business Tip: 1 Definite Time to Delegate

I've discussed a small business tip or two about delegating.

Small Business Tip: 4 Reasons It's So Hard to Delegate
Small Business Tip: 3 Cheap Ways to Delegate Online Marketing

You might be sick of the topic from me, but I'm still trying to learn on the go, because I can tell that I have NO chance of reaching success and happiness until I get a firm grip on it--and fully act on my intentions to delegate.

Tip: Delegate ANYTHING that needs to get done but takes you MUCH LONGER than it should to complete it.

If you understand this, already, you might want to leave this page.  You got my point.

For those of you who still want a little better understanding through a few of my personal examples, keep reading.

Example #1: Writing Blog Posts, Press Releases, Articles, Website Material, etc.

Honestly, I've learned to become a good writer, but it's still really hard for me.

I can usually write about one (1) thing--possibly two (2) things--a day.  If I try to write more than that, I tend to take a REALLY LONG TIME.


I start daydreaming.  I let myself get distracted by other things on the Internet.  I start to "feel hungry."  I'll let nearly anything distract me once my mental energy is spent.

Now, I hire other people to do most of my writing.

Bonus Thought: You can hire someone to write something, and you can modify it after you receive it.

Many people just need a boost to begin.  Hiring someone to write a rough draft will help many people do this.

I did this for content on my website.  (Truthfully, I've done this for content on other people's websites.)  It works really well.

Sometimes, they do a better job than I would have, and I don't have to change much at all.

Example #2: Selecting and Preparing Anchor Text

For those of you who are not familiar with anchor text, you can click on the words "anchor text" in the earlier part of the sentence.  (Notice that these words are "clickable."  They take you take another page--in this case, they take you to an explanation of what anchor text is.)

When anchor text is done correctly, either...
(a) it provides a link to clarify something for the reader, or
(b) it provides a crafty backlink--attaching your keywords or related words--to one of your websites.

This is a really important part of search engine optimization (SEO).  It is important and needs to be done well.

However, I get really bored doing it.  My personal limit is about the equivalent of one (1) writing piece a day.

This is something I need to pay somebody else to do for me.  Even if they are not as skilled at doing EXACTLY what I want, their 80% effort on five (5) things a day will benefit me more than me doing 100% effort on one (1) thing a day.

I'm sure that I need to find other places to delegate.

In which part of your job or business might you need to delegate a little better?

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Political Branding - 2 Videos - No Answers - Just Laughs and Entertainment

Video marketing is used for all sorts of good purposes.

In case you weren't sure, it's an election year here in the US.

I marketing is used for all sorts of good purposes...and then there is video marketing surrounding the top presidential candidates.

Most of us get pretty sick of seeing political ads, regardless who is running them.
Pretty much all of us get sick of seeing these ads that are meant to stir up hatred for the opposing candidate. Instead, it just spawns disrespect toward whatever position each candidate is trying to the US presidency.

The good news is that YouTube makes it easy for a lot more people to make videos than previous presidential elections.

This means that we get more tasteless video marketing that damages political branding, but at least we get to enjoy ourselves. There is a lot of creativity out there to express our frustrations and (what we think are) our preferences.

Let's enjoy a shot at each US presidential candidate: current president Barrack Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Let's take a look at the videos:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Video Marketing Tip: How to Create a YouTube Playlist

Video Marketing Tip: How to Create a YouTube Playlist

Today, I am going to show you how to do something in YouTube that is neat, but it is also part of smart online video marketing.

Do you know how to create a YouTube Playlist?  If not, watch the video below:

NOTE: I will write out the instructions at the end of this, in case you prefer to read rather than watch video tutorials.

However, there is a better question to ask about YouTube Playlists...

WHY should we care about creating YouTube Playlists?

There might be a lot of reasons, but I am sharing two (2) main reasons.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Success Tip: Be Crazy

Michael Phelps won his 18th gold medal yesterday.  We'll return to this point.

If you want to be successful, you have to be CRAZY...about something.

Michael Phelps is truly crazy! (Photo taken from
Most people will not understand this point, but THAT is what separates the truly successful...and everyone else.

Let's try explaining this one.

Thinking about My Past

I've often thought about this, but recently, I've been reading the book "The 80/20 Principle" by Richard Koch.  Within that book, he asks his readers to do an exercise that has each of us looking into our past.

Part of that exercise involves thinking about the times that we have been the most productive during our lives.

I started to notice a pattern.

I've heard other people say it, and I've read it in books, but it didn't really hit me until I started looking at my own past.

I'm best when I'm being CRAZY...about something.  How does that make sense?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Internet Marketing Tip: How to Schedule Posts-WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr

Have you ever tried posting to your blog on a schedule, but you suddenly realize that you have a time conflict on the day you are supposed to post?

Most of us "hear" that we can schedule posts, but only some people know how to schedule a blog post to publish later--not now.

If you know how to do this, you don't need to keep reading.

If you don't care about how to do this, you don't need to keep reading.

However, if you don't know but wish you did, HERE are the instructions for posting to your WordPress, Blogger, or Tumbr blogs.