Sunday, March 26, 2017

1 Important (Simple) Thing about Email Many People Overlook

Titles are (nearly) everything!

This applies to everyone who writes emails--not just marketers.

Many people think this only applies to marketers, but they couldn’t be any more wrong about that.  This applies to everyone who uses email.
Most marketers talk about “open rate,” trying to find ways to get more people on their “list” to open emails they send to them.

This is important, because marketers build a “list” to be able to sell or influence people, but if none of the people on the list is opening the emails, it’s tough to have any effect, no matter how good the info within the email is.

Recently, I’ve noticed a few benefits of writing good titles… and maybe more importantly, the downsides to writing insufficient (or even poor…really rotten) titles in our emails.