Monday, January 2, 2017

8 Things Leaders Do (even if they are NOT the Boss)

Anyone can be a leader...YOU CAN BE ONE--definitely!

Often, it makes sense to follow the orders of your boss…or your boss’ boss…or your boss’ boss’ boss, etc.

However, have you ever noticed that some people follow someone…even though they are NOT the boss.  In fact, they might not have any authority at all.  Yet, several people, if not many, seem to hang on their every word…almost mindlessly follow their direction. (not always a bad thing)  This is especially true within social media platforms.

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While watching a couple of videos, I heard Simon Sinek, the famous leadership and management speaker, use a phrase that caught my attention:

“Leadership without Rank”

I’ve often noticed this of others…and occasionally even thought this about myself, but those words never hit me.  It definitely made me think and remind myself about different times I noticed this in my life...that I was able to remember.

Here are some of the leadership traits I’ve noticed from the “truest” leaders: