Saturday, January 7, 2012

Motivational Tip: Think How Good Things Will Be When You Succeed

I ran across an idea within a book that spurred another that serves as a good motivational tip for me.

While I continued reading the book, "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J. Schwartz, I keep seeing really good ideas, but one specific phrase seems to keep grabbing my attention.

Action cures fear.

Many people are afraid of what "might" happen--if they do it wrong.

What causes this fear in the first place?

I kept trying to figure what causes this fear in the first place.

As I looked into my own past, I realized that there are times that I was very good about taking action, but there were plenty of other times where I "never got around to it."

What was the difference between those times that "I did" versus times "I should have?"

I took a look at some of my most successful undertakings:
  • Finding that position that allowed me to create a Quality Department from scratch, only 1-1/2 years after completing college
  • Finding that recruiting position that I thought I really wanted
  • Paying off my mountain of debt
  • Working with the owner of a business
I saw something similar in all of these things.  Each time, I expected to win, and I was motivated to make sure it happened, because I visualized success.  I focused on how much better my life would be once I achieved these things.

Let me rephrase that.

People who take ACTION are people who focus on SUCCEEDING - what can go RIGHT.

The best learned lessons force us to investigate our successes AND our failures.

Actually, the type of failures I mean are not mistakes that I made while trying something.  I'm referencing the failures I made from NOT trying at all.

I looked at some of the things I wanted to do but "never got around to it."
  • Joining Big Brothers-Big Sisters program (Excuse: my place was too messy for a kid to see)
  • Visiting Out-of-town Family (Excuse: I don't have enough time to visit without upsetting them.)
  • Taking More Actuarial Exams (Excuse: Those companies won't like my resume, anyway.)
  • Accepting a Job Overseeing Sports Leagues (Excuse: I don't know enough about running sports leagues.)
  • Giving Motivational Talks (Excuse: I can't reach them without my own success story.)
Unfortunately, this list could continue for a while.

What is the major element in each of these?

There was a hair-brained excuse.  In each case, I took time to focus on the WORST thing that could happen.  I focused on how I would fail.

Making a summarizing phrase that is structured like the other one...

People who FAIL to take ACTION are people who focus on FAILING - what can go WRONG.

Some people know that they will fail.  Others know that they will succeed.  Both people are correct.

Next time you "hear" yourself thinking about why you can't do something, ask yourself these questions:
  • How good would my life be if I DID this?
  • Who else has done this?  Why is that person more capable than me?  Why would that person not fail?
  • What would happen if I tried and failed?  Would that really be worse that not trying?
Visualize yourself successfully completing that task, conquering that goal.  Visualize how you will do things right!

More importantly, visualize how much better your life will be once you do those "right things."

What I read in that book is right.  Action cures fear.

Is there any reason you still want this "other" life?

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