Friday, April 14, 2017

Video: Jack Canfield: 5 Things Successful People Do

5 Habits of Successful People - Jack Canfield

Given the choice, most of us prefer to “be successful,” but many people have no interest in doing what it takes to get there.  This is not about that person.  This advice is for the person who has enough desire to make a “wish” into a reality but might not know how to spend that effort or energy.

Success certainly requires more than a simple 5 minute video (This one is even shorter than that!), but this advice can help many of us from “spinning our wheels.”

Jack Canfield, the author/coordinator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, offers several ways to improve our success in life.

If you’d rather watch it on YouTube, here is the link:

In this video, he opens with the claim, “The most successful people in the world did not arrive there by accident…(They’re) in that position for a specific reason.”

So what are some of those reasons?  Canfield suggests that the difference lies within their habits.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

1 Great Idea for Bloggers

When I started writing blog posts, I wasn’t sure about where I was going with them.  I wrote one about stock investing and gave advice around that.  One mentor suggested I just share what I want and what made me want it.  So I did that.

I initially created this blog to help people learn about marketing.  Ultimately, I realized that I really have a passion for helping people learn about business… even though I’m still a student learning more about business nearly every day… even after years of running a business.

So my blog posts have taken many shapes over the years.  At the time I’m writing this one, I’ve written well over 300 posts.  It’s not as much as the serious bloggers, but I’m definitely not a lightweight.

There is one thing I started doing a while ago that, I think, makes a big difference.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Video: Michael Bernoff - Goal Setting Might Not be That Important

Michael Bernoff - Goal Setting - 3 Stages of Goals

Goal setting is something we hear often enough.  It’s something we know… or at least we think we do.  Maybe goal setting isn’t as important as we think it is.  Many people set goals, but maybe there’s more to it?
According to Michael Bernoff, the speaker in this video, the key to success isn’t setting goals as it is something else that’s even more important.

If you’d rather watch it on YouTube, here is the link:

Here are some of my notes from this video clip:

What is a goal?
A goal, simply put, is to “get somewhere” (different than where we are now).

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Video: Dan Coughlin: Example: Nordstrom: Equity in Branding via Premium Customer Service

Here is an awesome example of customer service by the speaker Dan Coughlin.

Key Statement: There is equity in branding.

Most of know that we “should” give good customer service, but in crunch time, some of us are willing to sacrifice this when we’re in a tight spot and “don’t have time.”  This is probably because (in the moment) we don’t see what we’re really sacrificing.

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Here’s a great story about exceptional customer service that outdoes most of us…. and it’s from a pretty big company… Nordstrom.

If you’d rather watch the video on YouTube, here is the link:

How can Nordstrom teach us about the VALUE of customer service?  More importantly, what are we MISSING by NOT providing it?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Income

Whenever I’m wearing my “sales hat,” I notice that when I do these four (4) things, my business does much better:

1. Take Calls
2. Return Calls
3. Leave Text Messages
4. Call Back People (Follow-up)

These seem simple, but it amazes me how few people actually do them.  They're easy to do, but they're also easy to ignore and overlook the impact they have on the bottom line.

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They're things that an average person can do to get above-average results.

Let’s take a look how each of these makes me more money… and will make you more money, too.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Video: Sam Glenn: 6 Key Principles about Attitude

Attitude Lessons: Sam Glenn: Rejecting Negativity, Raising Enthusiasm & Improving Your Attitude

Most of us have heard things about attitude, even from the time we were little kids. Many of our parents, teachers, and coaches screamed at us about our bad attitudes or that we need to “get a good attitude.” Learning how to get a good attitude is one of the best lessons we can learn… even if it means we have to teach ourselves.  Sam Glenn does a pretty good job of outlining ways that attitude creates our foundation.

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This video clip is an excerpt of a longer talk, but Sam Glenn offers 6 different lessons on attitude that can benefit each of us.

If you’d rather watch the video on YouTube, here is the link:

6 Primary Things about Attitude

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Video: Don Hutson - The 4 Styles of Negotiation

Negotiation is a useful skill, but for many people, it’s also elusive.  Most people agree that it would be “nice to be able to do,” but many people prefer to avoid it.

According to Don Hutson, the speaker in this video, Jay Paul Getty, founder of the Getty Oil company, was one of the best negotiators in global business history
Some people asked Getty, “What do we got to do to be as successful in our lives?”

If you’d rather watch the video on YouTube, here is the link:

What’s it take to be successful (according to Getty)?