Monday, January 23, 2012

Marketing Tip: Promote Yourself Indirectly by Promoting Others

Besides being a "good" thing to do, promoting other people is a SMART thing to do.

Most recently, Chris Brogan, a really awesome internet marketing genius reminded me of this.  Within his blog post, 97 Ideas for Building a Platform, he reminds us that "Promoting others does more for your reputation and reach than promoting yourself."

Check this quick video of a sample of why we should be paying more attention to Chris Brogan.  Within this video, he explains how many of us marketers are missing the boat.  We have all of these tools to guide us, but many of us (including me) keep ignoring them.

What are some different things we can do to promote people?

There are many things you can do, but here are a few ways that you can do a good job of truly promoting people:
  • Recommend People on LinkedIn: Recommend People - Give insight into why people should do business with this person - be genuine, though.  Don't just write something lame, like "I recommend this person.  He/she does good work."  Help people understand what makes this person great, and how he or she can help them.
  • Compliment within a Comment: This can be within all sorts of mediums: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Just make sure it fits, and make the comment more about them than you.  None of us are "flattered" when you make a meaningless comment about MY stuff so that you can be "sneaky" and lead into YOUR stuff.  If I'm any good, I will come to check you out.
  • Write a Review:  You can write a blog post, a Twitter post, an article, or whatever else.  Give a review of an event or a product, and if the product or service was really good, make sure that the right people get the credit.  You may even want to send a person an email or Twitter post with a link to your review so that they can share it with their customers.
  • Seek an Interview and Promote It: This could be a video interview, a podcast, or simply a written transcription of the interview.  You are providing a medium for them to promote themselves, and you are finding ways to let people you know see the value that this person has.
These are the ways that cross my mind.  For me, they are fun and educational.  However, when you do a great job promoting great people, the smart ones will be grateful.  They all will know who you are, though.

What other ideas do YOU have?  I'd love to learn more.

NOTE: I never heard of Chris Brogan until Bill Rice, a local internet marketer who lives near me and has awesome SEO skills, told me about Mr. Brogan.

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