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Want More Customers? Keys to Sales Presentation Videos

There are many ways to get more customers, and one of those ways is to put together a sales presentation video.

However, this is not as easy to create as it is to say.
There are so many people trying to get your attention on the Internet.
People have all sorts of options on the Internet.  In fact, they have too many options but not enough time for anywhere near all of these options.

How can I make people WANT to watch my sales video?

Obviously, you cannot force anyone to watch your video.

So you have to overcome two (2) challenges:
  1. Getting People to OPEN Your Video
  2. Getting People to (Actually) WATCH Your Video
1. Getting People to Open Your Video

If you are depending upon people to find you on the Internet, your Video Title needs to be compelling.
  • Does it ask an intriguing question?
  • Does it imply a benefit people really want?
  • Is it unique?
  • Is it obvious who should open it? (Don't answer, "Everyone!" - Doesn't work on the 'Net!)
  • Does it include Keyword Phrases that people are typing?  (Don't overlook this one!!!)
Great Video + Boring Title = No Video Viewers
No Video Viewers = Wasted Effort 

Let us compare a few different titles:

"A Summary about SEO" vs. "How Good SEO Makes You King in Just 90 Days"
"Online Marketing Service" vs. "Online Marketing with No Effort"
"Social Media Services for Hire" vs. "Social Marketing in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day"
"Getting Good Google Ranking" vs. "Dominate Your Competition by Dominating Google"
"Facebook Marketing Available" vs. "Using Facebook to Print Your Own Money"

Did you notice any difference between each of these?  Titles can always improve, but spend some time trying to think of something that YOU would want to open--if this video did not come from you.

If you are contacting people directly (via email or face-to-face), you need to make sure that you help make them understand that you are here to solve a problem.

Key thing here:
  • Clarify the Benefit
  • Keep it Short ("This will only take 5 minutes of your time.  Go ahead--Time me!")
Nobody wants to know in advance that they are wasting their time.  Make it clear that you are a professional by acknowledging their time and business concerns.

2. Getting People to Watch Your Video

Now, it's showtime!

You need to find a way to get and keep their attention.

Grabbing The Video Viewer's Attention: Be Outrageous

Do something outrageous!  People see so many things today.  They do not have the time nor patience for more of the same.

If a video started THIS way, would you not be, at least, a LITTLE intrigued?
If you cannot DO something outrageous, promise something that will seem outrageous to them.

If you thought that results would take a year or more, would this not intrigue you?
Of course, you could do something in-between those two.  You could IMPLY something scandalous or controversial.  Many people cannot help but want to be the first to know something or have their say about the swirl of controversy.

Is Internet Marketing a RIPOFF?

Can you help but wonder whether you REALLY should do any internet marketing?  Of course, good internet marketing is NOT a ripoff, but it probably got you to look...and your neighbor.

Keeping the Video Viewer's Attention: Anti-Yawn Ideas

Once you GOT their attention, your job has only begun.

You need to find ways to KEEP their attention.
  • QUICKLY describe a Key Benefit for them (not a feature)
  • Make it Emotional: Make them feel their current PAIN
  • Demonstrate How YOU are their Solution (to their PAIN)
Describe a Key Benefit: Do not mix-up demonstrating a benefit with showing off your knowledge.  The viewer does not care about how much you know about your subject, he or she just cares about how much you can help with his or her business.

Make it Emotional: Describe their situation--Make them FEEL their PAIN.  All businesses have problems.  Most of them involve lack of time, too much stress, costing too much money, not enough profit, annoying hassle with employees, or not knowing how to do something.  Find the most common problem for your target market, and describe it--VIVIDLY.

If you're selling a service that will manage employees for them, for instance, describe how you understand how much employees complain. Paying their unemployment insurance, social security taxes, and workers compensation insurance is just eating into those profits, and who wants the hassle of doing their payroll each week?

Demonstrate How You are Their Solution: Now that you have them thinking about their problems, let them know how easily they can solve them...with YOU.  Make it clear to them how using your product or service will make the pain "go away."

BONUS: GO for the Close!

Now is the PERFECT time to ask for the sale, donation, petition signing, or whatever meets the purpose of your visit.
You've never seen anything like this, have you?  Only about 1,000 times or so, but it still works!
However, people tend to be uncomfortable when they part with their money.  All of these years, they kept hearing, "A fool and his money are soon parted," which is only true SOMETIMES.

Your goal is to make them realize that they would be fools not to spend with you NOW.
  • Make it Easy for them to Act (Buy, Donate, Vote, Sign, etc.)
  • Give them an Incentive to Do it NOW (Offer a discount, an added bonus, exclusivity, etc.)
  • Remind them of their PAIN
You still have to make the video, but if you follow these guidelines, you should put yourself in a good position to make a compelling sale presentation video.

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