Friday, January 20, 2012

Video Editing Tip: Take ad Edit Short Videos Separately

Lesson Learned (Reminded?): Do things in small chunks.

I learned something the hard way the other day.  I was working with a video project for someone, and I have learned a lot in the recent past, but I got a reminder how much more I need to learn, still.

I was working with someone on a presentation-style video.

By making a mistake, I learned something valuable.

Luckily, I had the foresight to have him record his sessions in small chunks.  He felt more energized when he did each.  (He was fresh for each one, right?)  He felt less pressure about having to "be perfect" for such a long period of time.

The one good thing I did was piece together the videos pretty seamlessly (in most cases).

The one foolish thing I did was do my editing while clumping together videos.  THAT was really foolish!

What was that foolish?

I should have edited my videos one slide at a time, and THEN worked on piecing together those editing videos--not the clumped together videos.


It's amazing how good of an idea something SEEMS to be during the editing stage, but it does not always look nearly as good when you watch it AFTER editing it.

If you edit small video chunks, then it is a lot easier to correct or even start over.

When you have a big video chunk and notice something goofy in the middle, it's really a lot more difficult to "undo" what you did in the middle.  In this case, you have to re-edit the original video and reinsert it into this "new" editing video, a really messy process.

Lesson Learned: Take and Edit Short Videos...and Build from There...not the other way around.

Good luck video marketers!

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