Monday, September 30, 2013

Do people pay for marketing? No, not really!

No, people do not really PAY for marketing.

Sure, there are places (and people) who are willing to pay for marketing service, but that's NOT what they are really buying.

So...What ARE they buying?

Based on my experience, people pay for marketing really want one or more of these three (3) things:

Want #1: Not having to worry about "that marketing stuff."
Want #2: More Paying Customers
Want #3: Higher Status

Yeah, that's about it. Nobody really wants to pay for marketing if they are not getting any of these.  It's a classic case of most marketing businesses making the mistake of selling the features (the marketing service) instead of the benefits (the results that can come from marketing).

Truthfully, you've got the idea at this point, but if you're curious, feel free to read further...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Video Tip for Bakeries: Show the Goods

I've got an important marketing tip for bakeries around the world.  Actually, I have a few tips.

Most people who know me offline understand that I LOVE sweets, and I am constantly finding new places with great things for those of us who have never a ending sweet tooth.

So in this case, I AM your target market.  Not only will I be your customer and buy your goodies, but when it comes to awesome goodies, I am insane!  I will tell EVERYONE about it...and I mean BRAG about YOU!

To make my video marketing point clear, I am going to compare videos of two (2) different bakeries.

So I begin making my point with a YouTube video from a specific bakery I like.  However, I already knew about the place BEFORE watching this video:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Small Problem - Tweeting without Something to Share

Twitter is awesome, unless you don't really have a clue how to use it.  (The same thing goes for Facebook!)
Most companies are clueless about how to use Twitter.
Most companies "know" that social media is important, but they largely do not have a clue.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Marketing Education via Junk Mail - Notes While Reviewing Local Coupon Books

Are you overlooking an awesome opportunity to gather ideas about marketing?

Have you ever gotten junk mail?

Of course you have!  All of us have!

However, it dawned on me that I was overlooking a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

You know those coupon books from local businesses we get with our junk mail?

How much do different companies PAY to be in there?  (I do not know this answer...just leading to a point...)

I decided to take notes of my observations while leafing through those coupon book ad circulars.  If you, as a reader, also happen to benefit, that is cool, too.

Below, I include general observations and specific notes.


Here are the general observations I made while reviewing the coupon ad book junk mail: