Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: White Lake Twp Library Event: Denise Harris-Fiems: Computer Club

Denise Harris-Fiems spoke at the White Lake Twp Library event this past Thursday (2/2/12).

Denise is the reference librarian at the White Lake Township Library, but she also runs the Computer Club there.  In addition to the monthly Computer Club meetings, she also sponsors other computer-related events, such as Facebook the previous Thursday.

The Computer Club usually has more people (around 10-12), but there still were good questions.

Currently, it does not seem to be a great source of internet marketing information.

However, it offers two (2) main categories of information:
  • General Computer Questions
  • Free Resources Available through the Library Website
Denise was helping field questions about internet security, especially when receiving e-mail.  Jeff Hughes helped answer several of those questions, as he is a programmer and knows about basic computer maintenance.

Denise also showed us many resources that are available through their White Lake Twp Library website (

From that website, you can check out and renew books.  You can put a hold on a book and reserve it.  These are pretty standard for most libraries.

However, she showed us some resources that are almost certainly overlooked by most the population (including me).
  • Downloading eBooks and Audio Books
  • Test Preparation Kits, including Sample Exams
  • Language Lessons in over 20 Languages
  • Michigan Electronic Library (MEL)
  • Way to Identify and Reserve Correct Order of Book Series
Denise Harris-Fiems and the White Lake Twp Library runs a generous, helpful program, including the Computer Club.  If you're close, I would suggest stopping by there.  In addition to the monthly Computer Club meetings, they offer computer courses, like Basic MS Word, MS Excel, Facebook, ways to enjoy eReaders, etc.

As a side note, they even host a program that lets people compete in Wii Bowling on their big screen.

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