Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All Successful Internet Marketers Use This 1 Idea

Today, I have just one internet marketing tip.

While I was reading “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, I ran across a lot of really great thoughts. (Actually, I was re-reading it at the suggestion of another book, the 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.)

However, one thought, in particular, is prompting this post.

One section of this book kept stressing the difference between the way mediocre (average) people and successful people see things.

Mediocre people see things as they are…today.

Successful people see things as they CAN be…tomorrow.

What does this have to do with Internet Marketing?

Nearly all of us know the power of internet marketing, but only a few of us truly take the actions that we need to experience the power of internet marketing for ourselves.

We might see a plain looking website that only has a few bare things on it, and the average person will likely scoff at it and not respect it. However, a successful internet marketer knows that with just a little more time spent toward improving it, adding pictures, adding a list of helpful links, adding a video, etc, this previously plain looking website could be fabulous. Today, they could buy that website or a piece of that company for a cheap price. They could rehabilitate the website, and the website and company are suddenly worth a lot more.

Successful internet marketers see what could be.

Search Engine Optimiation (SEO)
For internet marketers who use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we might see a website which does not rank very well within Google. The mediocre (average) internet marketer will look at this and determine that there is no use and stop working on improving the website’s search ranking.

How do you think that the successful internet marketing professional would view this?

That’s right! They will see it for what it COULD be, a much higher ranking website that generates lots of sales.

They see that with just adding a few more backlinks, adding some properly keyworded pages, links, and pictures, they could see dramatic improvements.

The mediocre internet marketer sees the website for what it is, a poorly ranking website.

The successful internet marketer sees the website for what it could be, a higher ranking sales machine. They will see something that is struggling and do things to make it bubbling.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
For internet marketers who rely on branding their companies or clients using social media, we might notice that an individual does not have many Facebook “Friends”, LinkedIn “Connections”, or Twitter “Followers.”

The mediocre internet marketer might figure that it is not worth his or her time to discuss anything with that individual since that individual does not have a very large sphere of influence today.

The successful internet marketer will likely know that each person might grow their sphere of influence later. In fact, the successful internet marketer will realize that they can help that person have a larger sphere of influence, and when that person gets it, he or she will likely point many of these people the successful internet marketer’s way.

The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to have people brag about you. Most of these types of payoffs from social media marketing do not happen immediately. The payoff is often realized later, and the successful internet marketer see this clearly.

Successful Internet Marketer Summary

To summarize, all successful internet marketers do one thing. They see things as they can be, and they take action to make sure they become that.

Mediocre (average) internet marketers only see what things are today, and they use that excuse to stay that way tomorrow, doing only what ordinary people are not doing instead of doing what extraordinary people are doing.

Which would you prefer to be, an ordinary mediocre internet marketer or an extraordinary successful internet marketer? You can be either, but you can only be one. What’s your choice?

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