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Video: How to Add a Tweet Button to Your Blog Post

Would you like to get more traffic to your blog and get more visitors?

One way to do this is to make it EASY for people to share what you have to say.  Twitter is really good about finding ways to make that happen.

If you put a Tweet button on your blog post, all people have to do to share your post is press that Tweet button and press "Share."  The user can modify their Tweet message, but they don't have to change anything.

You've made it THAT easy for them.

Here is a video that walks us through the steps to create that button.  It's really easy!

In case you would like to see the instructions rather than watch them on video, let's review those steps.  Here is how you create a Tweet button for your blog posts.

NOTE: Replace Steps 1 & 2 with...Go to
  1. Go to Twitter
  2. Click on About Page
  3. Choose Button on Menu
  4. Select Tweet Button
  5. Select Tweet Button Options
  6. Copy HTML Code
  7. Paste HTML Code into Your Blog Post
Let's take a look at each step:

1. Go to Twitter


NOTE: This has changed...You're better off SKIPPING Steps 1 & 2 and instead
Go to

If you are not already logged into Twitter, enter your User Name (@TwitterHandle, without the "@") and Password.

2. Click on About Page

NOTE: Today's version has me tell you to SKIP THIS Step #2 (See Note in Step #1)

You might not have even known about this.  Twitter has an "About" page.

Scroll down the page, but look at the LEFT side column--not the right side.  You want to look where your Tweet stream is NOT (Tweets are on the right; your info is on the left.)

At the bottom of the LEFT column, you will see a small block of clickable links, which are actually different pages within the Twitter website.

Look at the bottom LEFT side.  You will see Twitter's different pages.  You need to go down here.

Click on "About" (within that section)

Twitter has a lot of different pages. Click on the "About" page.

3. Choose Button on Menu

Look at the LEFT side of the screen, and notice the menu.

Notice the menu on the left side of the Twitter "About" Screen.
On that menu, select "Buttons."

Select "Buttons" from the About Twitter menu.

4. Select Tweet Button

Under the "Choose a Button" section, select "Share a Link."

To add a Tweet button for your blog post, select "Share a link."
The "Share a link" option is on the left side.

5. Select Tweet Button Options

Within the Share a link screen, you have a lot of choices.

As you go through the different Button Options on the left, notice that on the right, you can see how your button will appear within the "Preview and Code" section.

There are several sections, but these are the most important ones:
  • Share URL
  • Tweet Text
  • Show Count
  • Large Button
Share URL

You can select "Use the page URL" or you can customize it.  Most of us will probably leave that default choice, "Use the page URL" since we are trying to get people to share our blog post to encourage other people to visit and read what we wrote.

Most of us will leave the default choice, "Use the page URL."
Tweet Text

Within the "Tweet Text" section, you have two choices.  You can select "Use the title of the page" or you can customize it.

Either of these Tweet Text choices are good. If you have a customized message you want people to share, then choose the 2nd one; otherwise, make it easy and select the 1st choice.

Ideally, we can choose the 2nd option and tailor our message, but really that 1st option to "Use the page URL" meets the purpose of helping our blog visitors share our message: A blog post title and a link to the blog.

Show Count Checkbox

The "Show Count" checkbox option is just a matter of taste.
If you select "Show Count," then people will see HOW MANY people Tweeted this blog post.
Some people do not like to select "Show Count" if only a few people have Tweeted their blog post.

Personally, I like seeing it, even when it is not high.  This gives me feedback about the types of posts that make people respond...or NOT respond.

Large Button Checkbox

This is PURELY a matter of taste.  This only affects the appearance of the Tweet button.  If you like a smaller or larger one probably does not make any different, although you can test both sizes if you are curious.

Do you prefer people to see a Large Tweet button or a smaller one?

6. Copy HTML Code

Now that you've selected all of your Tweet button choices, copy your HTML Code within that "Preview and Code" section on the right side.

Under the "Preview and code" section (right side of the website page), copy the HTML Code to create the Tweet button to put into your blog post.

7. Paste HTML Code into Your Blog Post

Now, just paste in the HTML Code into your blog post.  Just make sure that you paste it into the HTML editor--not the Text Editor.

The way to do this depends upon which blogging platform you are using.

In WordPress, you need to change your editor from "Visual" to "HTML."

In Blogger, you need to change your editor from "Compose" to "HTML."

If you need help with this step, let me know in the comments section.

Because I detailed everything, this seems like a lot of work, but if you watch the 3-1/2 minute video, you will see that it is easy to create a Tweet button to add to your blog post.

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