Thursday, January 24, 2013

Being a Marketer Means Always Showing a Good Attitude

I don't always follow my own advice, but there is something I like to tell people.

As much I hate people who are fake, I would much rather someone pretend to have a good attitude instead of really having a bad attitude.

I do not mean to suggest that you should not look at things with a critical eye.  I am as analytical as nearly anyone else I meet.  It's important for us to pay attention to things that are scams or just plainly not the right thing for us or the right time for it.

However, there is something that keeps many people from being truly good marketers that I can see.

They are blocked by the fact that something is not perfect.  Maybe the product has some flaws, or the service is not as supportive as we wish we could represent.

The problem is that NOTHING nor NOBODY is perfect.

We all are vulnerable to that probe for perfection, but what many of us MISS is what we represent HAS TO OFFER.

If we place our focus on that, we'll probably find people who want what we (or our product/service) has to offer so much that they are willing to overlook areas that could use improvement.  Sure, they'd like to see those improvements, and we should always strive to be better, make better, or serve better.

However, whatever is available today is the BEST that we can offer.  We might as well focus on what it offers--not what's missing.

A few quick examples...

Example #1: Coca-cola (or Pepsi...same thing to make my point)
THE BAD: Colas of any kind are nasty liquid chemical pools of effervescence that interrupt a person't digestion system, overwork the liver, are negatively abrasive on teeth, injure our sugar counts (if it's not diet), and otherwise introduce a slough a chemicals that are foreign to our bodies.  This stuff is TERRIBLE!

On the other hand...
THE GOOD: Colas help many people from getting headaches, and they keep many people from being overtly grumpy.  They are an inexpensive thing to serve at parties, as many people truly crave the taste of an ice, cold cola.  Plus, they provide a more responsible alternative to alcohol, as they each act as a stimulant (opposed to alcohol being a depressant), and people can legally drive on the road after drinking it.

Both of these are valid, but there is obviously a market for it.  If you represent this product, does it really make sense for you to dwell on those couple of negatives?

Example #2: Exercising
THE BAD:  Exercising takes time and energy that most of us just don't have.  It removes us from our more important responsibilities, like our kids or studies.  It is easy to over-exert ourselves, and we can do serious damage to our hearts, muscles, and skeletal systems.  Plus, it will increase our metabolism, which means it will cost more to keep feeding our faces.

THE GOOD: Exercising provides a releases the endorphin hormone, which not only is physically healthy, but it leaves us feeling refreshed.  It takes about 2-3 days for us to lose the muscle that we built, and exercise helps us stay on top of that loss.  It also helps develop muscles, which provide better support for our bones, helping keeping them from deteriorating or experiencing too much stress.  Once we improve our metabolism, we can eat more without worrying about gaining as much weight.  We tend to feel better about ourselves when we exercise and tend to be less distracted by negative health issues; so we can maintain our focus on things that improve our lives without those health distractions.

While I am not a doctor, nutrition expert, or anything else like that, most (if not all) of what I wrote--for both--is true.  However, which makes you feel better?  Which do you think will inspire more people to do great things?

Being a marketer means always looking for the good and finding convincing ways to present that good.

Are you really a marketer, or are you just a complainer who happens to do marketing work?

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