Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Business Tip: 1 More Reason We Need a Team

We can't do everything ourselves.

If you're a small business owner, you probably can relate to this.  (Even if you're not, this topic is pretty universal.)

Recently, I was on my way to an event.  Truthfully, this would have been a great networking opportunity.  The event was about an hour from where I live.

I started driving to that event, and about 4 miles into it, I suddenly realized something.


Now, this event is well attended, and I knew exactly what I wanted to get from that event.  Plus, it is run by someone who does a great job running it.  She always has great ideas.

I REALLY wanted to go there!

...but I realized I couldn't. *sad face*

It occurred to me that I need someone who can do some work while I attend events or attend some of these events for me...AND represent me well.

I started thinking, "How many other things do I wish I could do but can't...just because I cannot be in two places at once?"

Similarly, when we have a few things that are JUST as urgent AND important, we can only work on ONE at a time, even when BOTH need our immediate attention.

How do we handle those situations?

When we only have ourselves, we have to choose, and we will choose the wrong one--EVERY TIME.  If we chose the other one, IT would be wrong, too, because both things needed our attention.

We need a team to help us with the AMOUNT of work, but we also need a team to help us with doing urgent or important things simultaneously.

We need to build a team.

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