Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Use for Blog Posts - A Record of Problem Solving

"Can you give me an example of when you solved a problem?"

I don't know about you, but I HATE that question.  I solve problems all of the time, but one I solve them, I'm no longer thinking about them.

To exaggerate my point, I became potty trained a long time ago, but I do not remember the "problem solving" process.  In fact, since that's a given (for most healthy adults), it does not occur to us to consider that as an example of solving a problem.

However, people still will ask some variation of this question.  (i.e. "Tell me about a time you solved a problem.  Describe the problem, and explain what you did to solve it.")


I've given many talks and written several posts about different reasons it is a good idea for anyone to do blog writing, but I thought of another one that I never considered.

Blogs can produce and provide a record of Problem Solving!

Certainly, there are plenty of other types of blog posts besides ones that solve problems, but I notice that the majority of my blog posts that seem to get the most "recognition," either things easier for people or provide insight into questions they have...and often don't realize.

Example #1: Over 7 Things in Your LinkedIn Profile That I'm Checking

Example #2: Easy Way to Create an InfoGraphic (Using MS PowerPoint 2007)

Example #3: 4 Ways I'd Market a Local Store Online to Get Found in Google

Example #4: Over 5 Reasons This Lazy Person Is Not Reading Your Blog

In order to write blog posts like these, I needed to make realizations based on my own experiences.  I identified that many people would like to know or get more insight into questions that these answer.

When you write your own blog posts like these, based on observations that you make during your own experiences, you are solving a problem...for yourself and probably many other people.

These blog posts become your proof that you solve problems.  As you reread these blog posts that you wrote, more than likely you will begin to relive a lot of those realizations....and how you came to them.

Once you've written your blog posts that solve problems, you can use those to help provide proof that you really do solve problems.  You explain it in all of those blog posts.

That's how it works for me, anyway!  How about you?

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