Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5 Twitter Direct Message Turnoffs + 2 Winning Methods

Anyone who uses Twitter for a week will know exactly what I mean.

Do you get any Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter?

I don't have to talk to you to know THAT answer...a BIG RESOUNDING "YES!"

Now for a better question...Do they do anything good for you?

When I first used Twitter, I got tricked.  I would receive these messages almost immediately after pressing the Follow button.  I remember thinking, "Wow!  That's really fast customer service, and how nice of them to  welcome me."

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Now, I realize that almost all DMs on Twitter are not as great as I thought initially.  They CAN be really good, but most of the time, they BOMB.  Let's take a look at both bad and good ways to use Twitter DMs.

If Twitter Direct Messages fall into any of THESE categories, they BOMB in my book:
  1. Ask me to buy something...BEFORE I get to know you.
  2. Ask me to check your Facebook Page (Website, Blog, etc.)
  3. Give me "The Next Big Tip"
  4. Offer me free gifts
  5. Non-genuine Greeting
1. Ask me to buy something...BEFORE I get to know you.

Example: 2400+ crazy contextual backlinks to your site from 1100+ authority wiki site including real edu wikis for $15 *Link*

I know I might not get another deal like this ever again...or I can only hope.  Why would I buy ANYTHING from you?  I don't know you, and I can't say that I'm looking for excuses to spend my money with you, especially before I know anything about you.  Clicking the "Follow" button does NOT mean I "know" you.

2. Ask me to check your Facebook Page (Website, Blog, etc.)

Example: You're great! Connect with me on Facebook - *Facebook Link* …. I enjoy connecting with fun people.

Oh, boy.  I don't even know you, and you're giving me an assignment.  I can get to know more about a person I don't know...and have no incentive to spend time to get to know better.  Plus, I did not have enough to do today, anyway.

3. Give me "The Next Big Tip"

Example: Early TWITTER INVESTORS got FILTHY RICH! How YOU CAN GET RICH with the NEXT TWITTER Growth Story Now *Link*

Yeah, I know you have a sixth sense that I (a person you've NEVER met in any form before now) am someone special who deserves this "inside tip," but...

4. Offer me free gifts

Example: Welcome Chris and I really hope you enjoy my Tweets. As a thank you here are Four Free gifts *Link*

5. Non-genuine Greeting

Example: I genuinely appreciate u following me. My passion grows daily & am dedicated to serve!! Let' create the future together! Only Success

Wow!  I feel special after that--NOT!  It's a pleasant message, but is there enough value in that message for you to take your time opening and reading it?

If you don't know any better, it seems great...until you realize that you could make up a fake Twitter account, and this person will resend that SAME Direct Message to your "new" Twitter account.

Now...for the GOOD Ways to use Twitter Direct Messages:

  1. Continue an ongoing conversation
  2. Ask a Question about that person's profile, website, blog post, Tweet, etc.

1. Continue an ongoing conversation

Sometimes, we exchange Tweets with someone, and we get to enjoy their company.  Maybe we start to get more flippant, because we're more familiar with each other.  However, Tweets are PUBLIC.

Now, it is a GREAT time to send a Direct Message on Twitter.  This allows you to continue "Tweeting," but now only you and that other person see's it--not the entire world.

This is also a good idea if the next discussion phase involves partially private information that you don't want to share with the world...or if you sense the other person does not want to share.

A Twitter DM is a perfect way to continue a conversation "offline" while you're still "online."

2. Ask a Question about that person's profile, website, blog post, Tweet, etc.

Another great way to use Direct Messages on Twitter is initiate a more intimate relationship with one of your Targeted Followers.  You can send a DM asking a question about something in that person's profile.

Example #1: I see you're from New York.  Were you born there? How long have you lived there?

Compared to the other DMs that person gets, you'll suddenly look like a superstar.

Example #2: I checked out your writing for marketers site. Do you limit your writing to any particular industry or geographical area?

If this person does not answer THIS Direct Message, either they did not notice or will NEVER answer a DM.  You showed interest, and you made the questions easy enough to answer.  Better yet, you might even get an email to expand your conversation beyond the mere 140 characters the DMs allow you to write.

Twitter Direct Messages (DMs) can be a HUGE part of your marketing plan, but I suggest that you use it to improve intimacy...not simply treat as a mindless classified ad site.  I know that I will eventually ignore you if you treat me like a target...instead of a person.

How do you use Direct Messages on Twitter?  Do you have any success with them?

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