Saturday, January 12, 2013

Networking Tip: 30 Second Elevator Pitch: Are you making this 1 major mistake?

Do you like giving 30 Second Elevator pitches?

Most people I know really don't.  Frankly, I don't really like them, either.

This post is not designed to debate whether 30 Second Elevator Pitches are good or not.

If you attend networking groups, most likely, you have to do them!  You don't really have a choice!

At an event I attended recently, this group had us give our elevator pitches.  There were a lot of people in the room.

Truthfully, I hardly remember anyone or anything anyone said during these 30 second elevator pitches.

There are a lot of people, and there are plenty of other reasons, but the most important point here is that I generally do not remember you if my only "contact" with you is hearing you give your pitch.

Honestly, I'm too busy trying to figure what I am going to say, because I hate doing these elevator pitches, too!

So it's going to take a lot for me to notice you.

In fact, it occurred to me why I'm not interested in you (in most cases).


How can I NOT be bored?  You sound bored!


If you aren't excited by what you do, that might be a sign.  You might need to reconsider what you're doing.

If you ARE excited, then SHARE that excitement.  Have some energy when you present.

If you do this, I will notice you, because you will be one of the FEW people who display any energy.

I don't care (that much) if you're clever.  All of those people before you put me to sleep.  I need you to do something to wake me from my "I've listened to way too many boring elevator pitches" nap.

If you have energy, I will feel it.  More importantly, I will listen.

If I'm not listening to you, what are the chances I will remember you...or what you do?

If I don't remember you, how can I possibly buy anything from you...or refer you to anyone else?

Show enthusiasm in what you're doing.  I probably will notice you, and if you've made it clear what you're doing, I will probably remember you, too.

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  1. Good post, Chris. I agree with your premise. I've found in the groups that I attend, that most people (myself included) are probably thinking about what they're going to say. I'm also not much of a public speaker, which also makes it hard. They are tricky, and require a bit of strategy to do well.

  2. Hi, Matt. I should have checked this a lot sooner, but you're right. Most people are not public speakers...and aren't really listening to "my" 30-second elevator pitch...They're too nervous about giving their pitch...UNLESS you make yours so they can't help but notice you.

    Side Note: I do some public speaking, and I STILL have a hard time giving 30-second elevator pitches.


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