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9 Times to Write a Press Release: You’re Probably More Newsworthy Than You Think

Here is GREAT Advice. Write a press release about yourself!  Seriously!

But what if you don’t really do anything “newsworthy?”

Many people limit their marketing for the wrong reason. They don’t think that they are doing anything “newsworthy.”

Maybe they’re right, but they’re probably not! Most of us create more news than it occurs to us to consider.

While there are plenty more times to write a press release, here are nine (9) different “newsworthy” things you might already be doing. Though it’s an incomplete list, this should get you started thinking on the right track.
  1. Opening a Business
  2. Launching a New Website
  3. Modifying a Website
  4. Reaching a Milestone
  5. Writing an Article (especially a series of articles)
  6. Creating a Video (especially a series of videos)
  7. Receiving Training to Improve Service
  8. Offering a New Product or Service
  9. Giving a Talk
Yes, it’s true that not everyone will find your “news” to be fascinating. However, you only need to be newsworthy to the people who find what you have to offer interesting.

Isn’t your goal to reach your target market, anyway? Why not bring them the news they need to know more about you?

For those of you who are curious and need further explanation each of the newsworthy items listed above here, I will explain more about each of these reasons to write a press release below here.

1. Opening a Business

It amazes me how many businesses open in silence. Opening up a business is a BIG deal, especially if that business has something unique to offer.

Maybe, it offers a product or service that is just a little different than its competitors. Perhaps, you offer a value or quality level that has been missing from your market.

Make it seem exciting, and make them want to visit or call your business.

2. Launching a New Website

Yes, it has become a lot more common to launch websites than 15 or 20 years ago, but it still provides a great access port for your customers or other people who want to know more about you or what you have to offer.

Contrary to the belief of many business owners, simply building a website will not guarantee that other people will find it on the Internet. In fact, they almost certainly will not, unless you let them know about it.

Writing press releases is one of the easiest ways to notify the public that they can learn more about your business and possibly even do business with you online…without having to leave their homes or offices.

3. Modifying a Website

One of the biggest problems with most websites is that, like a business card, you see it one (1) time, and you never look at it again.


If it never changes, why would you look at it? You already know (pretty much) what is there.

However, when you make a change, most people will never know about it, because they are not looking. Writing a press release notifies them to check out the changes on your website, possibly giving you another chance to make an impression…and possibly a sale.

4. Reaching a Milestone

What is a “milestone?” Truthfully, it is any number you reach that you “decide” to make “important.”

Probably, this requires a few examples to make sense:

Example #1: Online Marketing Company The Ultimate Analyst to Celebrate Its 1st Anniversary

The best thing about this one is that EVERY business has an anniversary—EVERY YEAR! Get yourself in the paper, and stress that longevity, no matter how long you’ve been in business.

You can write a press release about this each year.

Example #2: Local Online Marketer The Ultimate Analyst Website Blog Reaches 1,000 Visitors

It may not really affect the way, I’m doing business, but it sure makes me look like I’m somewhat in demand.

Hint: Do NOT lie about your stats, even if you won’t “get caught.” If your lie gains enough traction, your reputation might be pushed in the wrong direction by a very different type of press release, written by someone who does NOT have your best interests at his or her heart.

However, if you’re telling the truth, write up a press release. Get your accomplishment on the Internet and possibly in the paper.

Example #3: Digital Marketing Expert The Ultimate Analyst Increases Sales by Over 10%

It’s not hard to find certain times of the year where you do better than others. Brag about those better times. That is a PERFECT time to write up a press release.

5. Writing an Article (especially a series of articles)

If you write an article, people might find it. If you write a press release to announce it, people will have a better chance of finding it.

Writing a press release is even more effective if you write a series of articles about a topic your target market thinks is interesting.

6. Creating a Video (especially a series of videos)

See Item #5: Writing an Article (especially a series of articles) If you produce and publish a video, people might find it. You can make it easier for them to find it via a press release that you write (or that someone else writes).

7. Receiving Training to Improve Service

If you get training, you are probably doing it to improve some part of your company. Most likely, your service or product will improve.

Identify which part of your company might improve and brag about how your company will improve itself for customers via this training. How do you brag? Amongst many other way, write up a press release.

8. Offering a New Product or Service

Are you offering something that is even better for your target market? Is this new thing something that will fill something that has been needed but missing in the market?

Even if it’s not all of that, you’re offering something new. Use a press release to announce it to the world…or at least the Internet or maybe in a local paper, if possible.

9. Giving a Talk

If you give a talk somewhere, definitely you can write a press release about it—in advance AND after the fact. The press release you write before the event will try to encourage the right people to attend your talk. The press release you write after the event will help summarize, possibly putting you in greater demand for the next time.

There are many other newsworthy events that give you an opportunity to write a press release to promote or cover it.

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