Saturday, January 5, 2013

Create Your Own Buzz: 3 Reasons to Write a Press Release

One of the most overlooked online marketing techniques is writing press releases.

Many people are familiar with articles, but press releases generate buzz, because they imply ACTION.

Press releases allow us to surround ourselves or our business with news. News makes us seem like we are more worth following, but here are three (3) basic reasons you should write press releases (or have someone write them for you).
  1. Control Appearance of Searches for You or Your Brand
  2. Improve General SEO Ranking for Targeted Keywords
  3. Generates Buzz for Your Brand

Many people do not feel comfortable writing press releases, because they really do not understand them, but they're actually pretty easy...once you get the basic concept of them.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons to write press releases.

1. Control Appearance of Searches for You or Your Brand

One of the reasons you market online is to reach the people who know you, helping them get the message YOU want them to receive—not what they just happen to find.

Inevitably, when someone just met you or is planning to meet you, they will do their due diligence on you, if they’re smart.

One of the easiest things to do to check someone is to type in their name or the name of their company on Google (or whichever other search engine they prefer to use).

For instance, if you type in “Chris Wechner” or “The Ultimate Analyst” into Google, you will probably find a lot of things on there. To date, I still would like to improve my image on there. However, you might notice that there are some “events” that I did recently.

Most of the time, I created my own news by writing and submitting a press release, either to promote my event in advance or to summarize what I covered after the event.

Just make sure to include your name or your company’s name in the title. There are other things, too, but this one tip alone will help improve your chances that your press release will be one of the results listed on the first page for your name or your company’s name.

2. Improve General SEO Ranking for Targeted Keywords

Besides marketing for people who already know you, we market online to be discovered by people who DO NOT KNOW US but want what we have to offer. This is called search engine optimization (SEO).

Press releases are a great way to support our online marketing efforts for keyword phrases for services we offer. Many press release submission services allow us to leave backlinks, either fully spelled out URLs (i.e. or as anchor text, the clickable text that leads to another page, usually one of our pages (i.e. Visit The Ultimate Analyst now.)

Some services allow us to use multiple anchor text links, which can really support several pages on our website, not just the home page (i.e.

This will create a buzz for your brand, even when people do not know your company. This will help them find your company, and if they find you in enough places, they will begin to remember who you are.

3. Generate Buzz for Your Brand

Even if you do not understand how to market online, there are people who read the news every day, if not more often than that. Even with newspaper subscriptions dwindling during the past decade-plus, there are plenty of people who read newspapers, still.

Not only that, there are plenty of people who get their news online, and they seem to get their news from all sorts of places. Therefore, even if you cannot get your news printed in the paper, you can still publish your news online.

Here are a few free places you might want to consider submitting your press release:

There are some other places that you can pay a fee, and some of them are better than others.

Regardless, there are good reasons to write and submit a press release to generate buzz for your brand or simply for you.

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