Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Your Website: Is it a Sales Site or an Authority Website?

Your website might be making you work harder at marketing than your competitor!

Why might that be true?

Let's take a look...

Build a Website, They Will Come...
Many people think that they just need to build a website, and people will find them.

Market a Website, and Traffic Will Come..
Other people realize that they need to actually MARKET their website, but many of these people still get frustrated about their website not ranking well on the search engine results.

When we take a look at the website as an outsider, we notice something.  It is simply a website that tries to sell us something.

If a website only lists facts about a person or company, then people might visit you one (1) time.  They decide to buy, or they decide NOT to buy.  Either way, the website probably does not provide a new visitor a reason to keep returning to your website.

How can we change that?  Are there any websites that people return to see often?

Yes...Absolutely.  Consider social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

ActiveRain is a HUGE site for many real estate agents and brokers to visit on a regular basis, and Zillow is a fantastic reference for anyone involved in the buying, selling, or researching homes that are for sale.

Have you only visited Google one (1) time?  Of course not; it is too valuable of a resource.

What do these "popular" websites have in common?

Each provides a reason to return to it.  Either the website is a great resource, constantly changes, or is just plainly fun.

How many websites that promote companies are a great resource?  changes at all, much less change often with fresh, relevant material?  fun?

Almost none, barely any, and don't make me laugh!

Let's take a look at a comparison of Sales Websites vs. Authority Websites.

A sales website is often little more than an online version of a sales brochure. People might visit one time, and they see what you have to sell and they either call or they do not. They usually never visit the website again. These can be very good, but they are a one and done approach to marketing online.

An authority website is considered to be a resource. In fact, it is so resourceful that people tend to bookmark (favorite) it, because they want to keep returning to it. It is so resourceful that people want to tell other people about it. While you still have to do your own marketing, other people tend to help your marketing efforts through return visits and referrals.

If you want more people to get excited about your website, make your website more exciting.

We can't all have fun websites.  Sometimes, it just does not make sense--nor dollars.

However, you CAN find ways to turn your website into a really neat resource for people you are targeting.

On the next post, I will offer up things that you can do to turn your website into a bigger and better resource.

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