Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Discovery: Cool Link: Diigo.com

While I was preparing a presentation, I was looking for something else, but I ran across a website that seems to be pretty neat.

Diigo (Diigo.com)

There is a video on there that does a lot better job of describing what it does than I am able, but will try here.

With Diigo, you can highlight text on a website, and you can leave "sticky notes" on there, too.

What do those mean?

Later, when I log into my Diigo account from any computer, I can return to a specific website and see the same highlighted marks (and any notes in sticky post-it note format) on that website.

I think that this is a cool feature.  How many times have we returned to a website, only to struggle to find the portion of that website that truly caught our attention.

Go ahead and try it.

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