Monday, December 12, 2011

Marketing Tip: Recommend People Who Deserve It

This marketing tip is an easy point to understand, but it must not be easy for people to implement.

Find someone you admire and recommend him or her.

What does that have to do with marketing?

It takes commenting to another level.

If someone left a glowing recommendation for you, would you not look to see who left it?  Would you not try to see where that person might know you?

Make a recommendation; make a good first impression toward a connection.

I am not suggesting that you give phony recommendations.  People who are average or just provide average level service are not NOTEworthy.

However, the people that ARE noteworthy deserve that note from you.

Plus, don't you want to try aligning yourself with people who are extraordinary, rather than just simply ordinary?

Bonus:  You separate yourself from many others, because so few people are willing to write recommendations.

So you market yourself as someone who takes initiative, and you leave that impression on someone who is impressionable.

If that person is impressionable, do you think that you might have a better chance of having that person notice what you do?  If you're good, do you think they might be more likely to recommend you?

How can you give recommendations?

Here are a few ideas:
  • LinkedIn: Use the Recommendation feature within LinkedIn
  • Website: You can visit their website and write up a recommendation (if there is a place on the website for this)
  • Social Media: You can make a point to blast out a post so that your network of people see
  • E-mail Blast: You can send out a mass e-mail to people on your list
  • Personal E-mail: You can write up a recommendation and send it.  Express permission for that person to use your recommendation with your name and company.
Not only is it a "nice" thing to do, but there are many "nice" benefits to doing this.

Now, go find someone to recommend and make that good impression.

You will be one of the few who do, and you will soon be known for doing it.

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