Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marketing Tip: Authority Website: 6 Ways to Make Customers Return to Your Site

How would you like for people to revisit your website often?  (Stick around for some tips to that answer.)

In my last post, "Your Website: Is it a Sales Site or an Authority Website?" I suggested that people tend to revisit authority websites.

They often return to websites that they perceive as being fun or is a great resource.

Sites like Facebook are fun.  You have your "friends" and give updates to each other.  You post your message one time, and many people (your "friends") all receive the same message.  It's easy and fun.

Sites like Wikipedia are great resources.  Even though self-authored entries are vulnerable to factual accuracy, overall Wikipedia is a great resource to find just about anything you want.  Sometimes, you only get a little bit of information, but other times you can get a whole lot--in just one place.

THAT is what we call an Authority Website.

Here are some ways for you to make an authority website for yourself:

  1. Include Useful Links: Have a list of other websites that might need or find helpful while on your site
  2. Frequently Update Your Blog: Give helpful or entertaining updates to lure them to return
  3. Host Useful Tools: Include onsite tools that make people's lives easier (mortgage calculator) or more enjoyable (fun, addictive game)
  4. List Resourceful Phone Numbers: If your visitors often need to call other places, have a list and make it easy for them to find, especially of different government agencies.
  5. Post "How To" Information: Write tips or have videos that show how to do things, either what you do or helpful ways to use what you sell.
  6. Categorize What You Offer: Have a breakdown of what you sell or things that relate to it.  The more "complicated" this is, the fewer other places people have to get the info that you have to offer.


In the end, you want to provide an experience that your website visitor will appreciate.  You also want to provide a resource that they WANT to remember and revisit.

Good luck turning your website into an Authority Site.

Note: I submitted an article that goes into more detail about each of the six (6) tips.  I will include a link to that article once it is published.

ADDITION: Here is a link to that article: Click HERE.

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