Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marketing Tip: 1 Way to be an Expert

How can you be an expert?  It's probably not as hard as you're making it.

I just browsed through the website of someone I know.  This person is AMAZING, and this person is really amazing at a lot of things.

THAT is the problem!!!

How can being talented be a "problem?"

While there might be more than one answer to that, the answer that I'm providing here is that PEOPLE are the problem.

The Frustration
You see...People get confused.  People are not as smart as you.  People just understand what you do.  People are not clear about when they should call you.

The Reality
People also pay your bills.  So you have to respect the limitations of these same people, who aren't as smart, don't understand, and aren't clear.

When we go to the gas station, we are probably getting gas.  Our mission is clear.  While we're there, we might pick up other things, but we know they're (usually way) overpriced.  That's okay, because if they did not have gas, we would not have gone to the gas station in the first place.

Can you think of any other examples?  Leave a comment...

How does this relate to marketing?

Don't confuse your customers.

Make it clear for them WHEN they should call you.  Make it clear what problem you are going to be the best at solving for them.

While they are buying your "main" service, they might buy other things from you.  In fact, once they start looking at you more closely, they might always buy the other products or services that you offer.

However, you would not have gotten them in the door without them "knowing" that you are the expert in solving their original problem.

Heavily market one (1) of your talents, and the business for the rest of your talents are likely to follow.  Good quality work does not usually come from poor quality work sources.

If you were forced to market only one (1) of your talents, which one would you choose?

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