Monday, December 26, 2011

Why I prefer using LinkedIn over Facebook

Many people ask me why I dislike Facebook so much.

I mostly use LinkedIn, even though it somewhat uses Web 2.0 technology, it is not used as social media, really.

Facebook vs. LinkedIn: Quick Explanation

Facebook is, by far, a more powerful marketing tool.  Many more people use it, and plenty of people have fun with it.  It TRULY is social, and that is why so many marketers want to tap into that population.

LinkedIn is more professional networking (interacting) media than it is social media.  It is largely known as something boring, compared to Facebook.

My Personal Frustration with Facebook

My biggest frustration with Facebook comes with the social part.  We have "friends" who are not at all interested in my business.  These people do not need nor want to see my marketing posts.  It just does not fit them, and I don't really like burdening them with those types of posts.

There are people who I met through something professional who have become legitimate friends--not all of them, though.  I do not want many of these people seeing my personal posts.  They would be much different than the posts that I want most of my business associates to see.

For me, LinkedIn works a lot better. It might not for you. Definitely, I am not in the majority about the way I feel.

I am less confused about the messages that I can send to most of my LinkedIn "Connections" than I am about what I can send to my Facebook "Friends."  I know that many of my LinkedIn Connections will benefit from certain types of posts.

Only some of my Facebook Friends will appreciate my professional insights.

There are only some others--many different "Friends"--who appreciate my personal sense of humor,  frustration, random insight, or anything else that I want to share on a human level.  Frankly, there are only some of these things that I WANT some of these Friends to understand.

My REAL Problem with Facebook

Several of my Facebook Friends do not understand the boundaries of what needs to be shared publicly.

Only some of my Facebook Friends respect these boundaries between what they want to post or comment versus what I want some of my business associates to see.  I do not do anything illegal (outside of speeding occasionally), but I want to select what parts of my private life become public.  Overall, I'm pretty open about many of my flaws, but I would like to choose what I show and when I show them.

Facebook Friends do not always allow that to happen.  Honestly, many times they don't even realize it, because they are sharing something general that many more people see than they take time to realize.

I could see me doing that to someone else--unknowingly.

Plus, there are people who know you from different walks of life.

Facebook makes it so easy to communicate that it confuses boundaries between different groups of people that I know.

Am I the only one?

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