Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Profiles Matter - Take them seriously!

I got a reminder just today about how everything you put on the web has a chance of being found.

When I typed my name into Google, I see all sorts of profiles.  I put some time and thought into SOME of those profiles.

Unfortunately, there are plenty that I have not...and they show on Page 1 of Google for my name.

I would expect that on some older ones; however, this happened on a profile that I created just this past week.

I used that profile to test something, and I did not take it very seriously.  Unfortunately, someone will seriously find that, and they will not have to look very hard.

You're always on stage when you type things on the Internet.  Expect that you will be found.

If you don't like the message that your "goof-around" profiles deliver, make sure to clean them.

Going forward, take them seriously.

Obviously, not all of them will show on Page 1, but as many as 10 of them will.  That's enough for me to start taking these profiles more seriously.

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