Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Blogging: An Intriguing Idea

While using LinkedIn, I saw a request asking people to guest bloggers.

Since seeing this, I keep thinking about it.  Honestly, I've only had a short back-and-forth conversation with the person who made this request, but I keep thinking about it.

Why should I consider guest blogging?

I don't really know this answer, but I know why it intrigues me.  Potentially, there are some really good benefits to doing this.

1. More Experience for You

Some people are natural writers, but most of us aren't.

So how do we become better writers?

There are several things that we can do, but the most obvious one is to practice.  The more we write, the better we likely will become at it, especially if we're trying to improve.

Plus, we'll force ourselves to learn about more topics.  Ever "have to" write about something, but you didn't really know about it?  What did you do?  You probably researched that topic to keep yourself from looking foolish in writing.

We become more experienced quickly by putting ourselves in positions to get more experience.

Guest blogging for an audience that does not know us will force most of us to write better.

2. More Exposure for You

More people will see your expertise, your insight, and your personality.  Even if people never meet you in person, much like when we see people on television, they feel like they sort of know you--even though they don't.

The more places that you share your insight, the more people will feel like they know you.

Would most people rather do business with someone they know or a so-called expert that they don't know?

Guest blogging should help you better known with more people, especially if you guest blog in front of the right groups of people that you are targeting.

Ultimately, I cannot guarantee that you will benefit from doing this, because I have not done this, yet, but my logic tells me that it is a good idea for you to try--and me, too.

I'll give you updates on how well it does or does not work for me.

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