Monday, December 5, 2011

Want accountability? Teach a class!

While I tend to be a teacher by nature, I am getting a really good lesson this month.

About 6 months ago, I scheduled a series of events at Wayne County Community College District-East Campus (WCCCD), where I would speak once each month at the Internet Marketing Roundtable.

The idea behind that was to cater to the people who were new to the group and wanted help getting some of the basics.

It is great to have some higher level speakers for those who are ready for them, but for those people who are not, it sort of wastes their time.  It also steals the thunder of their enthusiasm.

I understand what it is like to try learning something from a forum that is not geared toward someone at my level of readiness.

Therefore, I offered to give a sequence of talks that specifically address the needs of beginning Internet Marketers.  I included a class about how to use Blogger to create your own free website.  There was also a class on writing press releases for people who are not necessarily writers.

I even gave a talk that provided an overview of Internet Marketing last month.  The month before gave an overview of affiliate marketing.

This month, I am scheduled to give a talk about how to brand yourself on the Internet.  However, as I started to prepare for this event, I realized that I know quite a bit about this.

I have a lot of good suggestions, and it can really help a lot of people.

Unfortunately, I realized that I have not done a lot of it myself.

I was prepared to give advice that I had not been taking.

As frustrating as this realization was, I probably would have taken a lot longer if I was not scheduled to talk about this to other people--in front of a crowd.

This is a good lesson that we all need to be held accountable.  The more people who can hold you accountable, the more you (likely) will push yourself to do.

That's a good thing!

Teaching a class or giving a talk will put you in front of a whole bunch of critical eyes and minds.  Use that to make yourself better.

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