Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: WCCCD Event: Bill Rice: Keys to Building an Effective Website

Bill Rice of Kaleidico spoke at the Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) event this past Friday (12/9/11).

Bill has talked with the group a few other times, and this guy is dynamite EVERY time.

Bill gave good advice about general SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but he mostly focused on his suggested approach for building a website using WordPress.

Bill is especially good at making the seemingly complicated a lot simpler.  He breaks down things into smaller, more manageable action chucks so that they do not seem so overwhelming.

He also fields questions like to professional that he is.  No matter how unique the question, he keeps his composure emotionally, and finds the answer to the concern they really had, even if the question was verbalized differently.

He discussed Sales Funnels and how that applies to the way you approach building your website.

He warned us that most people spend way too little time on the About Us page, even though it is one of the most often read pages within a website.

He did a good job of summarizing what every webpage should have on it.

One of the best reminders from Bill?

The people who are MOST likely TO BUY from you ARE the people who ALREADY bought from you.

Therefore, you should always capture their e-mail.  People generally only visit a new website one (1) time.  Position yourself so that you can keep in front of their attention, especially if they want information that you have to offer them.

I traveled over an hour (almost 1-1/2 hours) to hear Bill Rice speak, because I already knew that he IS that good.  If you have the chance to hear him speak, he is worth rearranging your calendar.  He is not just good; he is amazingly worthwhile.

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