Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Your Blog Posts: How you might be wasting your time!

If you've spent any time trying to learn and understand online marketing, undoubtedly you've seen "reasons" why we should blog.

However, I have one question...but an important one.

Main Question: When you write your blog posts, are you making an impact or just completing a checklist?

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What do I mean by this?

I see too many blog posts try to explain things that everyone else has explained.  They become factual regurgitation of what 6,000 other people have covered and explained, already.  They offer little to no additional insight.

Here is a quick checklist of things I ask myself as I am writing a blog post:
  1. New Perspective: Have I noticed something that people might find to be a "new way" of looking at things?
  2. An Easier Method/Approach: Can I offer a way to provide a "How to" that makes things easier for people than most think it is?
  3. Useful Experience: Is there something in my experience (recent or otherwise) that might benefit someone in a similar position?
  4. Observations: Do I have any observations that I suspect many others have overlooked...and might find interesting?
  5. Personality: Is there some way I can inject personality into what I want people to understand?
If you are not asking these types of questions prior to writing blog posts or articles, you might not be doing any useful online marketing.  You are simply doing something, because online marketing advice says that you "should."

In this case, you're (probably) wasting your time.

If you're making an impact--or trying to make an impact--then soon enough people will find what you market online and care about things you write.  Isn't that the type of result you want from your marketing in the first place?

If you're making an impact, you are NOT wasting your time.  (If you are NOT making an impact...)

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