Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1 Overrated Email Marketing Method

Here is one (1) overrated email marketing method.

Have you ever gotten any postcards, letters, or emails like any of these?
  • Happy Thanksgiving from XYZ Company!
  • The folks at XYZ Company hope you have a safe and great holiday!
  • XYZ Company wishes you and yours a wonderful holiday!
  • You are in the thoughts of the XYZ Company during this holiday!
I don't know about you, but I am not really filled with emotion after reading those "touching" statements.

I get the basic idea.  As a company, you are trying to find ways and excuses to stay in front of the customer.  However, to me this seems to scream "We want you to think that this is about you, but it's really about us."

With a postcard or letter, I sort of get it.  This provides a hard copy of the brand, and it took some "effort" to send those.  Plus, as hard copies, those can sit around the house for who knows how long, acting as a near everlasting branding reminder.

However, when this is part of email marketing strategy, it's tough (for me) to take this "greeting" seriously.  Perhaps, I just understand marketing methods too much, and the technique works wonderfully well with people who are not as familiar with marketing methods.

I know that it takes no effort from the company.  They write one (1) generic email, and blast it to whoever is on their email list.

I also know that I just roll my eyes when I receive one (1) of these messages.

What are your thoughts about companies that use this email marketing method?  Does your company use it?  Does it seem to work for your company?

Disclaimer: I am using XYZ Company as a fictitious company.  If there really is an XYZ Company, I was not targeting that specific company--only a category of companies that use this specific type of marketing method, and I am referring to this prototypical company as the so-called "XYZ Company."

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