Friday, November 16, 2012

2 Reasons Why I Write Blog Posts - Now and Later

Now that I have gotten into posting blogs, again, I am noticing two (2) reasons that I SHOULD be posting:

1. Now - I get almost immediate exposure.
2. Later - My website gets found via my blog posts later.

Blog Posting provides benefits today (Now) and tomorrow (Later).
It's as simple as that!

1. Now - I get almost immediate exposure.

Social media posting seems to be the key during the short term.

WEBSITE VISITORS: When I send out my posts to people on LinkedIn, especially LinkedIn Groups, I tend to get hits.

BRANDING: When I was using LinkedIn more regularly, it seems like I was becoming a more recognized brand.  It seemed like some people might read my title--and give me the benefit of the doubt since MY name was attached to that post.

2. Later - My website gets found via my blog posts later.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to be the key later in the game...People start finding my posts on Google and other search engines.

WEBSITE VISITORS: People might type the EXACT search term that matches my targeted keyword phrase.  Other times--in fact a lot more often--people will find my posts by typing search phrases that neither Google nor I ever anticipated.  Some posts never generate any website visitors, but other posts will attract tons of people to visit.  Only sometimes, do I correctly guess which posts attract the most attention.

These two (2) reasons are why blog posting is one of the best methods of online marketing.  You get benefits today and tomorrow, even though those benefits tend to come from different sources.

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