Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Marketing Tip: You Never Know What Will Work

Most people reading this blog post know that I do not have any formal marketing training.  I do my best to use logic and what I've learned from different seminars I take and suggestions from people I meet.

You never know what works in marketing - until you do it.  Then again, next time, it might not work.  Just keep trying!

So far, the biggest teacher has been EXPERIENCE.

Now that I've been a marketer for a few years, I am seen as a marketing expert in several circles.  (NOTE: There are plenty of places, still, where I am--rightly--considered the novice marketer.)

When people turn to me for marketing expertise, they often ask, "What do you suggest I do to market my business?  What's working right now?"

I have an honest but unsatisfying answer for them:

I don't know what will work!

I can remark about things that I HAVE DONE that worked--and did not work.

However, some of my biggest successes came from things I did that I found simply by accident.
  • People find me in search engines (i.e. Google) through keywords that neither I nor Google ever would have guessed.
  • People get excited about Blog Posts I make that surprise me--and do not get excited about my "sure things."
  • People respond to certain videos, finding them in ways I never anticipated.
Lesson to Learn: Keep marketing.  Market a lot.  Market Often.  You never know what will work, and that's okay.  Just keep marketing!

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