Thursday, November 8, 2012

Internet Marketing: 1 Opportunity We're Missing in Our Blog Posts

I've been missing a HUGE internet marketing opportunity most times I've made a blog post.

Certainly, I cannot speak (or write) for many other people.  However, there is something that I notice almost EVERY time I check my blog or website analytics.

This is an example of using a picture to attract readers to your blog or website.  People respond to visual things!

Perhaps, more people find my blogs through my PICTURES than any keyword search phrase.

See: Easy Way to Create an InfoGraphic (Using MS PowerPoint 2007)

Although, it's important to follow these basic but important steps:
  1. Pictures should capture attention.  Use attractive images or (somewhat) outrageous images.
  2. Keywords should be in the filename of your picture.
  3. If the website (including WordPress or Blogger) allows you to include a description--Use keywords there.
  4. If you cannot get a Caption for your Picture, then go into the HTML and add an ALT Tag to your photo. 
NOTE: Find the image within the HTML Code and add--with the "< >" brackets--alt="summary of picture in case it does not load--include keyword in here"

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