Friday, November 9, 2012

Internet Marketing: Using LinkedIn Productively - Not Wastefully

At one time, I spent a lot of time trying to market myself using LinkedIn.

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However, I realized that there was a fatal flaw with my approach.  I did not have specific goals from using LinkedIn.

It is really easy to waste our time on LinkedIn.  How can we make LinkedIn a more productive tool for us?

I realized that I was focused more on the conversations than I was my overall goal.  I would--more often than not--provide thorough answers that reflected thought.  I tried to personalize things.

I still completely agree with that approach.  However, I was not sure when I was wasting my time, because I was not sure what I wanted to get from my efforts, other than making it easier for more people to know who "Chris Wechner" is.

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Therefore, I was wasting my time.

Going forward, I will try to be more focused and goal-oriented when I use LinkedIn.  I would like to offer legitimate conversations--the best networking always starts with that--but I want to stop aimlessly wandering there.

Each to hold myself accountable and make it easier for people to help me reach my goal by stating them, here are my goals for using LinkedIn:

1. Find people who are influential and enjoy helping others
2. Position myself for speaking engagements
3. Provide Support
    A. for up-and-coming people who trying hard and seem like they might help others later
    B. help spark conversation started by peers who have a good idea
4. Find people to help resell my "a la carte" items to supplement their marketing businesses
5. Find services or products that I can resell for other people

How do you use LinkedIn?  When do you benefit the most?  Have you ever wasted your time there?

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