Monday, November 5, 2012

Why My Blog Writing Stinks (Despite It Being Good)

A Lesson about Blog Writing I Should Have Learned Long Ago

I've been blog writing on and off for a few years.  I'll write about different topics.

More often than not, what I write is good quality, presenting points with value.  It often offers a unique viewpoint and offers a friendly yet professional, conversational tone.  It all combines well to make a blog that avoids that dreaded "me-too" tone that so many other blogs carry.  (Those blogs stink!)

Yet, despite the fact I write well within my blog, my blog writing STILL STINKS!

What's wrong?  How can that be possible?

I've been reading blogs for years, and I notice something about my own habits as an article or blog reader.  I don't make it through the REALLY LONG posts, if I begin reading them at all.

Hey, wait a minute!  I tend to write REALLY LONG posts.

How many people tune out what I write, because it's just simply too long?

Blog writing is not supposed to be formal.  It's supposed to inform EFFICIENTLY.

That is my challenge and my goal when I do my blog writing for future blog posts.  Keep me honest, everyone!  I don't want to write STINKY BLOGS!!!

Do YOU enjoy reading LONG blog posts?  If you're writing a blog, are YOU scaring YOUR readers?

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