Friday, November 30, 2012

Beginning my experiment with Hootsuite

I am trying something new--for me.  It's actually been around for years.

I am using Hootsuite.
Hootsuite is an online application that let's you schedule posts on social media platforms.  Luckily, it only sounds more complicated than it really is.
What is Hootsuite?

Many people reading this already know about Hootsuite, but for those of you who do not, it is an online service that let's you create posts (Twitter Tweets, LinkedIn Posts, etc.) in advance.

Just like you can schedule blogs, you can schedule posts to social media platforms...hours before, days before, or even weeks before you really want them to become "public."

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Why use Hootsuite?

A better question might be, how can we benefit from using something like Hootsuite to create posts ahead of time?

Truthfully, I am just starting this, but the early returns are promising.

Reason #1 to Use Hootsuite: Be in Front of People Constantly

On something like Twitter or LinkedIn, where posts are current...until someone else adds another post or comment.

That means that we're almost never "the current thing."  Unless someone happens to be looking at the same time you are posting, people might NEVER see what you have to say.  More importantly, they might never see you, which is the entire point of marketing.

If you schedule posts in advance, you can arrange for people to see you--EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT REALLY AVAILABLE.

For instance, I had a meeting yesterday morning.  That did not matter, because I schedule about five (5) posts during that time, and people responded to several of those posts.

Reason #2 to Use Hootsuite: You are Forced to Plan Your Marketing

I will probably write another post on this point alone.

Most of us "plan" to market when we "get around to it," which often too closely resembles NEVER.

When you plan to set aside time to schedule your posts, you have to THINK about how you want to market and what marketing material you will use.

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I will let you know how this experiment evolves.  I'm curious, too, but the early returns look good.

Have you used Hootsuite?  Have you tried a similar but different program?  What do you like--and dislike--about using it?

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