Monday, February 18, 2013

Worthwhile Content on Your Website Beats Social Media

You can have a ton of Twitter followers, Facebook friends and subscribers to your blog, but worthwhile content matters the most.

This is guest post by Craig Martin of Craig Martin Business Writing.

You can have a ton of Twitter followers and subscribers to your blog, but the content on your website matters the most – otherwise you just have a busy website with no readers.

Obviously, the most important characteristic of a website is its content, whether you are displaying artwork, writing a blog or selling photographs. You can use app or widget you want, but it's a waste of time if it doesn't connect people with worthwhile content.

Think about history. Morse code transmitters, television, ham radios.. just like the content on your website, there was a reason to tune in. Sure, people want to be entertained, but there needs to be something concrete that connects with the audience.

Nowadays, people could change Internet chatrooms with ease, due to the lack of cohesive, worthwhile content. And we're still making the same joke that there's still nothing's on television, even with 500 channels!

But the Internet always has something on.. although a significant amount of people don't want a constant stream of fluffy entertainment. Television shows like South Park and The Simpsons have lasted more than 10 seasons because the focus on worthwhile content is just as critical as the level of entertainment. If your website has a significant amount of flashy widgets and glittery add-ons, then don't act naïve when only a handful of people read anything on the site.

For example, during my time in Chile, I lived with a family that enjoyed two game shows that focused on two things: competition and skin. These shows were repetitive loops of a few people competing in staged events, dancing solely for the camera and bad-mouthing each other. In my opinion, the ratio of entertainment (if you could call it that) was high and barely a shred of worthwhile content.

Compare this to something like Jeopardy , a different type of game show that has been on the air for decades. Instead of flashy effects, you have something that entertains your mind with challenging material. Maybe that's why it's still successful and fun to watch.

For me, goofy and off-the-wall entertainment is great, although it must have some amount of underlying logic to it. Monty Python's Flying Circus is a great example of a wacky, yet intelligent, comedy show because there's a tremendous amount of worthwhile content in each episode, including sketches that involve discussions about linguistics, philosophy and/or politics.

If the content on your website is all sizzle, then you need to replace it with a juicy steak. You might want to enhance certain widgets or social media apps, but focus on content that connects with your audience. And if you need to tweak the writing, perhaps you should think about hiring a freelance writer.

About Craig Martin: Craig Martin is a professional freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience. You should check out Craig Martin Business Writing to read more about his reasonably-priced services for small businesses – hire him to write SEO content and fulfill your company's content marketing needs.

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