Saturday, February 9, 2013

Are you offering an incentive or an insult to my intelligence?

Save 10% on your next purchase.
Refer 5 people, and you get one free visit.
Event Price: $50 ($45 if bought in advance)

Have you seen these types of offers?


These are supposed to be incentives, but do they do ANYTHING for you?  Do any of these motivate you to change what you're doing to make sure you take advantage of that offer?

These are nothing more than thinly veiled attempts to try "tricking" you into doing business with them instead of their competitor...and we all know it!

They know that they're "supposed" to offer an incentive, but they really don't want to give up anything in the process.  They really just want your business.

Either, they are really foolish, or they are insulting our intelligence.


Buy 1 Get 1 Free
50% Discount - All Merchandise
Event Price: $50 ($25, if bought in advance - 1st 6 people FREE)

These have a MUCH better chance of grabbing your attention.

However, even these can be lame.

For instance, it's well known that jewelry has an incredibly high price markup.  So "50% sales" really aren't that generous.

Buying 1 of something that is OVERPRICED to get 1 free is a lame way to offer something for "free."

If that event is a rip at the discounted $25 sale price, it will fail to GRAB the potential customer's attention.

Most of us know when you are offering a great deal.  How do YOU respond when people offer you a "deal" that is pretty ordinary?  Do YOU get excited?

Why should your customer get excited if you wouldn't?

Don't insult your customer's intelligence.  Give them an offer that excites offer that makes them want to (a) change their plans, (b) buy your product or service over ANYONE ELSE, (c) and tell people they know about the deal.

After all, if we're using discounts to bring more people to our doors, we're marketing.  If we're marketing, aren't we trying to get people excited enough to WANT to spread the word?

If your deal makes people YAWN, the only thing that will spread is bad breath...Not the word about what you have to offer.

Give people a great offer, and enjoy the marketing is does for you.  People always find great deals, and you can use those great deals to help people find you.

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